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How to Look After your Facial Skin

Having a glowing, spotless, smooth and soft skin is every girl’s wish. Women have been cautious about their skin since the inception of mankind and traces of skin care treatments go back up to the 4th millennium BC. Flaunt Your.

Home Beauty Wonders for Your Skin

Skin…the largest sense organ of our body! So, don’t you think that it should be cared properly? All of us are superb creation of God. But, pollution, heat, storm, growing age, etc. are some of the enemies of this beautiful.

Glowing Skin Secrets of Stars

Do you crave for a glowing skin from head to toe like celebs? Celebs have great skin though it takes a lot of efforts to maintain the daily beauty regime. It is a dream of every woman to have a.

Beat the Sun & Embrace the Sunshine this Summer!

Suntan is the worst thing that happens to a girl. Don’t be disguised by the hot beach babe who made the tan look good (or the vice versa). For Indian skin… no freaking way! If you ask me, I’d say.