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Top 5 Effective Conditioners to Make Your Hair WOW

  We girls suffer from various hair problems. Frizzy, dry and damaged hair is almost every girl’s story. Even after trying a lot of remedies, they tend to remain lifeless. Then, what actually the solution to get back the natural.

6 DIY Tips for Stronger and Healthier Hair

Proper and nurturing care for hair is the biggest problem that most women face. Split ends, frizzy hair, lack of luster, breakage and there can be endless such problems, which one needs to juggle with. Sometimes, you really need to.

6 Terrific Ideas to Hide Gray Hair Naturally

Gray hair is a problem that we all cannot evade from our lives. Emergence of gray hair is a natural process. The biggest blunder that most of the women commit is that they go for root touch-ups during the early.

7 Ways to Prevent Hair Damage

After face, hair is the most sensitive part of your body that needs extra care and attention. Long hair requires more attention as compared to shorter ones. Hair response very quickly to environmental changes such as they become very dry.

DIY Dry Shampoo: A Best Way to Get Away With a Bad Hair Day

What if your friends suddenly call you and ask you to join them for an outing? You just have half an hour with you to get ready. But, unfortunately, you haven’t washed your hair since three days and I am.

6 Tips to Follow for Chemically Treated Hair

In order to tame down their locks, look glamorous or just out of the need of some change, women very often subject their tresses to curling, perming, straightening, etc. While initially, their hair may look like they are right out.

7 Tricks to Curl Your Hair without Heat

While there are lots of equipments available out there that can help you curl your hair in minutes, they will simultaneously greatly damage your hair as well. So, if you are the kind of girl, who likes to try out.

10 Most Common Hair Myths Debunked

We all have believed things that were truly not true at some or other point of time in our lives. And we women never get tired of believing ideas that promise to make our appearance better (hair in this case)..

7 Worst Hair Care Habits You Must Stop Right Away

While there’s a lot written about what you should be doing to attain that fabulous, advertisement-worthy hair, there’s hardly any written gyaan about the activities, you must refrain from. And, more often than not, just picking up the right shampoo.

5 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Dry Hair Ends

Are you fed up with dry hair ends? Actually, you’re not the only one! Each one of us faces the problem of dry hair from time to time. As the winter advances, the problem becomes more severe. Here are some.