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8 Common Mistakes That You Commit While Applying Foundation

All the girls and women apply their own logics and tricks in applying the makeup. They think that whatever they have been using till the date is best for them, and the trend is still the same. If the trend.

13 Most Popular Skincare Myths to Keep in Mind

When it comes to skin, there are lots of myths that get attached to our skin. In a country like India, mostly people have their own assumptions in predicting the skin care regimes and curing the various skin ailments. One.

5 Easy Steps to Create the Flawless Smoky Eyes

Creating the perfect eye makeup is perhaps the most challenging job that most women and girls perform at home. They rush to salons and spend time and money to get the flawless makeup done. One of the biggest challenges is.

7 Makeup Tips for Indian Skin Tones

Though Indian skin tones are most loved and admired all over the globe, but at times it’s quite confusing to predict the Indian tones, especially when it comes to makeup. While doing makeup on an American skin, it is quite.

15 Unconventional Makeup Tips No One has Told you Before

Every girl is in search of makeup tips and techniques that make her look best and as natural as possible. Makeup, if not done properly, can prove to be disastrous. But, if you apply a few tips in your makeup.

7 Tested Tricks to Avoid Nail Breakage

Every woman dreams of having the well-maintained and stunning nails. Whether they are rounded or squared, they have to be flawless and luscious. But, this dream remains a dream for many as most of the women tend to break the.

Mickey Contractor: The Man Behind the Flawless Bollywood Beauties

You have been admiring the flawless and glowing faces of Bollywood actresses. But, have you ever wondered that who is the man behind those dewy and flawless skin tones? He is none other than the guru of makeup- Mickey Contractor..

11 Ways to Lift Up Your Face without Surgeon’s Knife

Ageing is a problem that is inevitable. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you have to face the consequences of ageing; however, you can combat the effects by certain measures. There are two ways to combat the problem- through.

6 Tips for Caring for Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails have become a fad nowadays. Every other girl is going for acrylic nails, with different nail art patterns that are a perfect way to flaunt their nails in style. Acrylic nails look stunning as a fashion statement, but.

22 Gorgeous Hairstyles for Long Hair

Recently, a research was conducted where samples of hair were collected from different countries and were tested on grounds of tensile strength, shine, smoothness, thickness, and length. Do you know that Indian women won the race, as they have the.