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Flaw less Skin in winters

Ladies, winter is approaching and it’s time for extra care and especially for the people who have dry skin like me. 🙁 We need to be extra cautious but no worries… girls….. I am here to provide all the essential.

Glowing Skin Secrets of Stars

Do you crave for a glowing skin from head to toe like celebs? Celebs have great skin though it takes a lot of efforts to maintain the daily beauty regime. It is a dream of every woman to have a.

Beat the Sun & Embrace the Sunshine this Summer!

Suntan is the worst thing that happens to a girl. Don’t be disguised by the hot beach babe who made the tan look good (or the vice versa). For Indian skin… no freaking way! If you ask me, I’d say.

Look Picture Perfect With These Makeup Tips

Give your relationship that oomph factor to make it exciting in the Monsoon season to look picture perfect, by flaunting your beauty with your best. Monsoon is full of surprises and pleasure. But sliding eyeliner, super sticky lipstick and melting.

How to Get a French Manicure At Home!

The French Manicure is one of the classiest ways to dress your nails. It looks elegant, chic and does not involve the drama that vibrant hues necessitate. We get to you the easiest way of trying out this stylish technique.