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The Year of the Dog (Zodiac)

A dog is a man’s best friend, who is loyal, and obeys his masters without any discrimination. The Chinese observe the dog as a propitious animal. People, who take birth in the dog-year, possess straightforward character. They are warm-hearted, courageous,.

The Year of the Pig (Zodiac)

Pigs are neither smart as dogs, nor active as horses, they rather symbolises clumsiness and laziness. A pig likes eating and sleeping and thus becoming fat. They are considered to be kind souls, without having any intensions to harm others..

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The Year of the Tiger (Zodiac)

The 3rd Chinese zodiac sign is the tiger better be known as “born leaders”. Tigers are enthusiastic, cheerful, courageous, and dominant. Leadership quality is in there traits, they are born to rule. They like to dominate rather than the other.

The Year of the Sheep/Goat/Ram (Zodiac)

The people with the sign of sheep are considered to be calm and gentle. They are delicate and good people. They are tender, filial, polite, clever and kind. They have sensitivity towards beauty and art, have faith on God, and.

The Year of the Rooster (Zodiac)

The rooster is the epitome of punctuality and fidelity. It also symbolises for exorcising evil spirits. Roosters are considered as honest, ambitious, capable and warm-hearted. Most of the roosters are born pretty or handsome and they dress up well. They.

The Year of Rat (Zodiac)

It’s the first animal in the Chinese zodiac. The characteristics that rat symbolizes are flexibility, wit and alertness. They are a smooth operator. People who fall under this sign are seen to be smart, intelligent, wealthy and they have the.

The Year of the Rabbit (Zodiac)

The people with the rabbit sign are tender and lovely. They are conservative, but are compassionate and creative. They are highly social, friendly and love meeting new people. For them, family and friends are really important. People who are born.

The Year of Ox (Zodiac)

The second chinese zodiac sign is the ox. The ox is considered to be something, which is huge, simple, straightforward and down-to-earth. Cantankerous people are supposed to have “oxen-temper”. People born under this sign are honest, patient, cautious in taking.

The Year of the Monkey (Zodiac)

The monkey is a very clever animal. The people with the monkey sign are considered to be smart. There are erratic geniuses in their life and character. People born in the monkey sign are witty, lively, flexible and versatile. They.