Catch the Scam of Work at Home Traps

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Laying on a couch, with a stylish laptop, a cup of coffee besides, fantasizing cash in your mind (though, the sitting situation maybe lil more complicated); still it sounds like we’re being too much demanding, isn’t! The deliberation to work on bliss is not your fault! In real it’s an anticipation of every professional.

We do agree with the list published by wiki showing 9.8 percentages the rate of unemployment in India for 2011. But does that mean, we should naively start trusting to all the provoking offerings? The need to be an employed or render some of your earnings on loved ones or family is understandable. But, do you know it might cost you rather expensive in return??? Yes! Your so-called ‘smart idea’ to work handily at home, may actually get you in trouble. Curious, to know how? Read on!

  • Don’t Get Enticed!:  You’ve already experienced the alluring advertisements on newspapers or on internet promising you to make Rs, 5000 in week. FYI, these may be internet marketers, who know all the tactics to take money out from your pockets. Sometimes, it’s their strategy to sell their products with the tag line “how to make money online”. And trust me they really dig out your greed! It’s their trick to stir up your greed in one or the other way.
  • Resume ??? Optional:  A legitimate organization must require you to submit curriculum vitae and also would ask you to provide some references. If none of these comes up to you then immediately get jazzed. Think about it! No reputed employer in the world would trust you blindly to get their exclusive work done from your domiciles. Especially without being convinced about you and your past work experiences.
  • Asking For Money??   If you yourself had enough money to provide it to someone, then for sure you must not be looking for a job. Remember, any legalized employer would not ask you to submit money to get registered. If it’s your requirement then it’s their too. So be cautious before you make up your mind to give fees for any application or administering objects to any company.
  • Mass Emails—Alert!  If you find a number of mails popping up now and then on your computer screen, don’t think as if you’re famous or in demand! A reputed firm do not sends e-mails again and again to strangers in order to hunt for an ideal candidate for them. These uncalled-for e-mails rings a bell as to you’re not the only one for them in this entire world. If its looks like then it may be trap too.
  • Catch The Loopholes:  You might’ve impressed by their offering the facility to work from home to make quick money. Although, if they fail to give details about the company’s origin, authenticity or about your duties or position, then catch the dodge. If the firm is valid, they won’t hesitate to give their complete information regarding their authenticity. So that, you can verify it by an advocate or a notary. You surely wouldn’t work where you’ll be only asked to work without anything else (not even salary), would you??
  • Is Picture Perfect?:  Yes, their pictures too speak a lot. It gives you a lot of hints whether they are fake or not. The more attractive pictures they post, the more chances of a scam. Try to relate them with the kind of work they are dealing with. If it’s distinct like taking you to the heaven’s walk, of course, it may be a sign of a scam.


We don’t want to fetch an absolute pessimistic notion regarding this. But certainly, our purpose is to make you attentive about such scams which can drag you into snag. There are ample of justifiable ‘work from home’ jobs. You just need to find them with caution.