Carrot Salad

This one’s truly versatile for it can be served and enjoyed at anytime of the day, and preparing it is one fun task.

Tangy and full of flavour, the carrot salad is high on taste without those typical elaborate, high end ingredients and is a delight to devour.


  • Peeled and shredded carrots (500 gms)
  • Mayonnaise (1/4 cup)
  • Lime juice (2 ½ tablespoon)
  • Maple syrup (1 tablespoon)
  • Salt


  • Put together mayonnaise, lime juice and maple syrup in a large bowl.
  • Now combine carrots to your mixture and toss the ingredients in order to blend them well. Add some salt to better the taste.

Move the assortment in an airtight jar and place in the fridge for around 45 minutes. Your salad is now ready to be served.