Career Tips for 40 Plus: Give your Career a Bump Again

I am not a has been- I am a will be!”

Lauren Bacall


I hear several old people saying, “Well, in my days I used to…….” I don’t understand why they say so. When you are alive, ALL DAYS ARE YOURS. Life flows like a river and it doesn’t stop at a certain age. Most of the elder people hold the perception that after 40-45 years, it’s difficult to get a new job because employers prefer to hire youngsters, and as we are old, no one will hire us. But, it’s a completely wrong acuity. Be strategic and you can beat the age barrier.

If you are over 40 and looking for a new job, then this article may help you.


Here are some tips to thrash your age and get prepared for a new career.

1. Dwell on Your Situation


If you are confused about what work to do, research your interest areas, strengths, financial needs, motivational source and your flexibility (in terms of location/ hours). This will definitely help you in arriving at a right decision. After that, search jobs through recruitment agencies, job centers, newspapers, etc.

2. Update Yourself


“I am too old to learn the computers”….do away with this philosophy. Remember, there is no age of learning. In order to compete with young applicants, you are required to update your skills. Instead of fearing from modern technologies, confront them. Be trained at working knowledge of information and communication technologies.

3. Market Yourself through Your Resume


Resume works as a sales brochure and introduces you to the potential employer. Clearly mention your educational qualifications, experience, employment history, achievements and skills in your resume.

4. Have a Positive Attitude


“If you’re feeling sorry for yourself or holding a grudge . . . you probably won’t get meaningful work.”
John Carney

If you don’t believe yourself, you can’t make others to believe you. Feel yourself higher up against ‘grey-ceiling’. Be flexible and adapt according to the organizational changes. Boost up your energy level. Always have optimistic outlook. Keep yourself fit and healthy.

5. Networking


Most of the organizations don’t disclose the job openings. They prefer to hire candidates through internal references. So, always stay in touch with your friends and business colleagues. Never drop the opportunity to contact with professionals (whether young or old). Have a clear vision of your own job prospects.

6. Crack the Interview


It’s very stressful to be interviewed by a much younger person than you. In this situation, never lose your self-confidence. You may have to confront with fiddly interview questions or silent biases. Be prepared in advance to face all these! Never over-compensate or apologize for your age. Before going for interview, ensure that you are looking professional.

“The excitement of learning separates youth from old age. As long as you’re learning you’re not old.“

 Rosalyn S. Yalow 

Use your experience to step up the ladder of your career!