Career Planning: Not just a Job!

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Which occupation to choose? How to get a job? How to advance in the job? Should I switch over to a new career? Confusion…confusion…confusion! These are some of the questions, which occupy our mind when we plan to start a new career. The solution of all your confusions is “Career Planning”.  Many of my friends use to change their jobs very frequently and when I asked them about the reason, they said “We were not satisfied with our previous job.” This might happens with many of us. Have you ever questioned yourself “Why I am not able to continue with my job for a long time? The fact is that many of us don’t know where to go and how to go? We are going aimlessly.  Just don’t go with the gush! Don’t be a part of rat race! Be a winner! Plan your career! Move on the secured path and prevent yourself from getting lost! Career planning is not just about looking for an occupation. It’s more than that! It provides you the roadmap to reach your goals and realize your dreams.

12 tips to plan your career

Here are some tips to advance your career:

  1. Conduct SWOT (S– Strength, W– Weakness, O– Opportunities, T– Threats) analysis. It will help you in finding out the answers of “What interest me? Where I want to go? What jobs are available that will meet my interests?” Identify your skills, interests and weaknesses. Overcome your flaws and grab the opportunities!
  2. Don’t ruin your dreams. Set higher career goals and start working on it sincerely.
  3. Prepare flexible career plan! It will help you in bringing changes according to the circumstances.
  4. Set a deadline for your career plan. It will keep you focused and motivated towards achieving your goals.
  5. While choosing a career, ensure that it accords with your interests.
  6. New contacts…new information….new opportunities! Extend your network! Remain in touch with your current friends and create new contacts. Enquire about career opportunities from your social network.
  7. Right gizmos for your dreams! Choose right path and tools for realizing your dreams. Complete your education and certifications to acquire the skills.
  8. Be a keen learner and a good listener! Keep updating your knowledge and skills. It will help you in your current career as well as in future career.
  9. Quench your career quests! Find a good mentor! A mentor provides you guidance and takes you on the right path.
  10. An awesome quote says, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” So, be confident! Believe in yourself! And you will be on the peak of your career.
  11. Be a polymath! Don’t focuses on attaining a specialization, but, try to acquire more and more skills in different areas. This will open various career paths for you.
  12. Keep record of your achievements. This will strengthen your resume.

Hope, these tips will help you in advancing your professional life.