Career in Equation with your Dream

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Hope, you’ve got the answer to “What is your dream job?” by now. For long term satisfaction, landing on the right career is important. Job doesn’t remain a burden if you love it.

To live a dream career, you need to visualize it in your head. But, visualizing is not enough; you’ve to sweat to make it a reality.  You’ve to work to achieve what you desire because nobody is waiting outside the door to give it to you. To ensure success in your dream career, you should:

Do Research

Research about the field/industry you wish to get into. Do you have any friend in the field? Find out what skills and knowledge are needed? What are the expectations of the field? The Internet could be of a great help. Read books that focus on your dream job. Seek help of sites that offer career advice on industries.

Network with the Industry People

Interact and network with the people of the field. To have someone from the desired field help a lot. It might give you an opportunity to gain some hands- on- experience before you make a final leap into the industry. On recommendation of friends, you may get a chance to visit office/industry, carrying on in depth interaction with staff from several departments, thus understanding the pulse of the work of the industry. Networking activities are great to get into a job.

Networking can be done at membership organizations, clubs, industry events, internet message boards and information interviews.

Find a Mentor

Mentors are highly valuable resource. They can help you to get into the industry. You can seek guidance and sound advice from the mentor’s experience. Find a mentor on an ‘Internet Message Board’, if you fail to find it in a person.

Create a Plan

Next, you’ve to develop a plan to achieve your dream career. You’ve to make plans to add desired set of new skills, take practical training, get into or apply for the job. Create a plan and execute it.

In conclusion, finding a dream job is like embarking on a thrilling challenge that offers countless opportunities. But it requires introspection and proper planning. Do not take a leap into the career without the confidence of getting success. As it is said, ‘the grass always seems greener on the other side’.