5 Classic Ways To Style Caramel Balayage with Black Hair

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Balayage is not just for the brownies or blondes anymore! So, all the ladies with black hair, it’s time to rise and shine with caramel balayage on black hair!

They say, “when a girl gets a new hairdo, she is welcoming a new change to her life.” They say right! If you are tired of your mainstream black hair, it’s time that you switch to caramel balayage. Let the subtle gold and blonde tint of caramel sweep through your dark black hair to give an effortless sun-kissed look.


Cool Black Hairstyles with Caramel Balayage

Getting a caramel balayage is low maintenance but highly gorgeous hair coloring technique. Oomph up the glam with these 5 extremely elegant caramel balayage styles on black hair!

1. Ashy Caramel Balayage

ashy caramel balayage on black hair

Ashy caramel balayage on black hair with a sunkissed look has to be your look of the day. A darker black layer underneath perfectly blending with the lighter caramel shade on the top looks very sleek.

The magnificent sandy caramel shade with a multidimensional look will hype up your overall avatar. If you want your boyfriend to get lost on your sandy, caramel-y hair, get this balayage ASAP!

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2. Balayage Ombre Pixie

ombre caramel balayage pixie

After an era of highlights, ombre look has stepped back into the fashion world. A dark black shade till midshaft followed by the caramel color till the tips of hair create a sexy and flowy look.  This is a fresh and everyday look you can carry anywhere and look equally elegant.

This ought to be the hairstyle of choice if you have long and medium hair. Pair it with a wavy pixie haircut for extra oomph. Make your female colleagues jealous of your sassy hair balayage!


3. Bombshell On A Bob Cut

caramel balayage on black bob

Look bomb in this intense caramel balayage with black hair bombshell. This has a full-blown balayage which covers almost the entire length of the hair shaft justifying the meaning of “INTENSE”. A rich caramel shade throughout your hair with a medium layered bob cut can make you go on the top! Pair it with beach waves and flaunt! Tonight, be in the limelight!


4. Sunkissed Caramel Balayage On Long Hair

caramel balayage on black hair

Is a balayage even a true balayage if it does not give a sunkissed look?  A fine caramel color starting from the mid-shaft till the tips pops up lusciously when illuminated by sunlight. Flaunt your black hair with caramel balayage at the beach and grab everyone’s attention with the glaze and shine. It’s time to rise and shine!

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5. Metallic Caramel Balayage

medium black hair with caramel balayage

Oomph up the glam with unique and extremely gorgeous metallic caramel balayage technique. With the onslaught of a metallic trend in the fashion industry, the color has taken over almost every styling technique, even the hair coloring as well. Caramel balayage hyped up with reflective, metallic sheen on dark black hair base will make your fan club go crazy after you.


So ladies, what are you waiting for? Get up and rush to your nearest hair stylist to get a subtle caramel balayage on black hairdo and leave everyone stunned. However, before you plan on getting any of the following styles, make sure you use high-quality products because of hair matter!