Capricorn: What Your Horoscope 2013 Says

(December 22 – January 19)

General Predictions for 2013

Love Life

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Don’t dash the matters off. Carry on your relationship with care. Your partner will keep you bright and breezy. You and your soul mate may go for a long trip between April and August. Those already committed may tie the knot, this year. To maintain the equilibrium, married couples are suggested to assist each other.


This year is favourable for those, who want to relocate their job. You could make maximum progress. A piece of advice from seniors and experienced colleagues will help you to get success on the professional front. Excellent opportunities are waiting for you at your workplace. You will be admired for your dedication and hard work. 2013 is very good for the professionals affianced in accounting and teaching field. Manage your finances carefully.


The stars don’t indicate any major health issues. But, you may suffer from minor seasonal disorders. Exercise regularly and join the gym. This year, stomach and shoulders could be the sensitive areas. You may also suffer from headaches. Your hunger may diminish a little bit, but it’s a good sign for your health.

Domestic and Home Life

Your domestic environment will remain stressful, when you live in a joint family. Don’t arrive at any decision without the assent of your family members. Pay more attention to the elderly people.

Lucky Number– 3
Lucky Months– May & July
Lucky Colour– Saffron

Month wise Horoscope 2013


You may meet an old friend or relative and will refresh your memories. Love life and health will remain all right. Refrain yourself from the controversies associated with high profile people. If you are searching for a suitable tenant, you could find this month. You will be praised for lending a helping hand to some necessitate.
Lucky Colour– Maroon
Lucky Number– 18


A heavy workload could slough you down, so it’s better to delegate your work. Your temperament and ego may spoil the matters. Your social status will rise. Take care of your skeletal alignment, bones, teeth and knees. Your finances will be stronger than the previous month.
Lucky Colour– Parrot green
Lucky Number– 8


You may get good news from someone very close to you. The company of an interesting person will make your journey pleasant. The problems, you are facing in your career, will get resolved. It’s the good time to launch a new project. You need to keep patience for dealing with the swinging moods of your family members.
Lucky Colour– Orange
Lucky Number– 2


Marketing professionals may sign a money-spinning deal. You will grow financially stronger. Your social connections will increase. You may also come in contact with some important persons. You could remain occupied by the visitors, thronging at your home.
Lucky Colour– White
Lucky Number– 1


This is an auspicious phase for Capricorns. You will certainly get success in your new ventures. You are likely to qualify the competition or exam, for which you are preparing for a long time. Family issues may continue. Huge profits are predicted from investments, this month.
Lucky Colour– Crimson
Lucky Number– 15


Businessmen will see immense growth in their business. Stars are indicating changes in the working condition or job change. Employers could observe employee turnover. Someone special is likely to enter your life. You may plan an out of town trip.
Lucky Colour– Chocolate
Lucky Number– 18


Don’t make false commitments. Aggressive behaviours may put you in peril. Ego could be the reason behind hassles with your spouse. Your ideas may be opposed. All your plans will go smoothly. Have some changes in your routine for keeping yourself healthy.
Lucky Colour– Dark yellow
Lucky Number– 3


You will have to put your efforts to get a rewarding assignment. Married couples could face issues in their relationship. Have patience while dealing with your family members. You may also counter health challenges. You will get excellent remuneration for your talent. For keeping your mind calm, attend a religious ceremony.
Lucky Colour– Forest green
Lucky Number– 8


You will enjoy good health and higher income. Money would come from unanticipated sources. Focus on mending broken relationships. There is a possibility of confrontations with the extended family members. You will grow professionally. Your luck will rise in the second half of the month.
Lucky Colour– Coffee
Lucky Number– 6


You are advised not to involve in other’s personal matters. Do not get over familiar with the unknowns. You are likely to make progress in your career, in the second half of the month. You will remain inclined towards religious activities, the whole month. Travel would bring in profits.
Lucky Colour– Orange
Lucky Number– 7


Your performance at your work will improve, and you may hold significant responsibilities. You will have an amazing time with friends and other social networks. High placed or government officials will assist you in earning profits.
Lucky Colour– Coffee
Lucky Number– 18


It’s the best time to change your job or diversify your business. You may have to face difficulties in getting a loan. Don’t indulge in arguments with the prominent people. You will get support from your admirers in making progress in your endeavours. Your expenditure would rise.
Lucky Colour– Lavender
Lucky Number– 22