Cancer: What Your Horoscope 2013 Says

(June 22 – July 22)

General Predictions for 2013

Love Life

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You are going to enjoy several romantic moments with your special someone. You will get a lot of emotional support from your soul-mate. Instead of getting possessive or angry, couples are suggested to discuss the issues openly with each other. Newly married couples may plan a trip to exotic places. Singles are suggested to be careful while choosing their life partner, particularly between February and May.


Previous investments would bring you handsome returns. New career opportunities may knock your door. You will enjoy a very affable ambience at your work place. Guidance from your co-workers will help you a lot. Don’t invest in stock market. This is a good period for professionals, betrothed in accounting and academic fields.


Avoid excess intake of food and drink. Cancer females are advised to take extra care of their health. Except some minor issues, Cancerians will enjoy a very good health. Those suffering from chronic ailments are suggested to try alternative treatment therapies.

Domestic and Home Life

You would have to work towards improving the bonding with your family; otherwise you may lose the attachment. You may have to remain away from your home for extended periods, this year. There are good chances of purchasing a new house. To fund the purchase; you could sale an ancestral property.

Lucky Number– 2
Lucky Months– February, April and August
Lucky Colour– White

Month wise Horoscope 2013


You may get bothered with too much travel, so take some break. Take special care of your physical fitness. In order to keep the blissful relationship, support your spouse. Balance your energies and mind on your work. Health will remain satisfactory.
Lucky Colour– Parrot green
Lucky Number– 8


It’s a good time for students. Don’t make heavy commitments. Professional reputation would increase. Your partner or spouse would be more considerate towards you. Bring changes to your lifestyle for staying hale and hearty. Follow your intuition.
Lucky Colour– Lemon
Lucky Number– 2


Think before working on someone’s advice. Someone close to you would give you good news. Trim down your expenses. It will be difficult for you to spend time with your family members, this month. Give space to your beloved. Don’t ignore your health.
Lucky Colour– Lavender
Lucky Number– 4


You would remain engaged in pursuing your hobbies. Avoid conflicts with your superiors and colleagues. You may get opportunities to spend quality time with your friends. Adopt an exercise regimen, according to your lifestyle. Travel could bring in benefits. Love life is going to be hectic.
Lucky Colour– Bottle green
Lucky Number– 17


You would have a nice time, socially. You may also enjoy an excitement trip with your friends. Do light exercises to remain healthy. Family members will give you space and accept your decisions. From professional point of view, this month is good. Your income and gains will increase.
Lucky Colour– Magenta
Lucky Number– 1


It’s a good period for those engaged in retail business. You could see changes in the working conditions or job changes. Instead of volunteering for everything, shoulder that many responsibilities which you can fulfil contentedly. Take initiatives, if you want to take your relationships to the next level.
Lucky Colour– Cyan
Lucky Number– 7


You will enjoy good health. Finances will boost up, this month. You may go for a long journey with someone close. Stars foretell some changes in your personal appearance and personality. Have a positive outlook while solving family matters. Love life would remain stressful.
Lucky Colour– Violet
Lucky Number– 22


Health is reasonable, this month. Take a short break from your work. You may earn money from other avenues. Dramatic changes in your career are predicted. Weigh your words while interacting with others. You may visit your friend or relative, residing out of the town.
Lucky Colour– Saffron
Lucky Number– 4


Your friend circle may enhance, this month. Keep your ego aside while communicating with others. Prioritize your activities. You will get completely involved in completing a new project successfully. Dental illness may create problems for you. You might get opportunity to spend romantic moments with your beloved.
Lucky Colour– Cream
Lucky Number– 3


In your professional life, you would be motivated by someone to give your best. Your social life will be curtailed due to burden of work. Put a rein on your expenses. You are likely to enter a new business partnership. Be calm while dealing the issues with extended family. Your love life would go smooth.
Lucky Colour– Rose
Lucky Number– 18


You are ought to confront with office politics. Job-seekers would find several good opportunities. Rethink about your financial strategies and plans. Stars predict changes in your health regime. Some issues may arise between you and your father.
Lucky Colour– Electric grey
Lucky Number– 8


You will reap handsome gains from older investments. Don’t delay in clarifying any sort of misunderstanding. You are likely to get support from government officials and your seniors. No issues with health. Worry about children would increase.
Lucky Colour– Electric grey
Lucky Number– 8