Can Updating on Social Network Sites be Career Threatening?

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Have you ever realized that updating on social networking sites could devastate your profession? Yes, it can. Social sites offer a lot of fun. You’re just a laptop or mobile phone away to let your people know about the latest happening and story of your life. You can share hearty moments of your life with your circle- whom you might not call to inform and share every event of your life. But if the same social networking site is used wide of the mark then it could threaten your work.  Social media is somewhat like a DOUBLE-EDGED sword with which you need to be cautious while handling.  Use this weapon prudently and wisely. Be mindful of its power.


Following networking mistakes could be suicidal for your career-

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1. Posting Rude And Disrespectful Comments

Posting nasty or racist remarks online is plain wrong. If the topic is sensitive don’t post any joking comment. Sometimes, harmless posts or jokes cause more harm than good. Hence, COMMENT WITH CAUTION!

2. Mixing Business with Pleasure

Don’t club your social- media world with your business, keep them separate. Social networking sites are great platforms to share pics of you from last weekend- party, but your boss might not appreciate and raise objection.  It is judicious to separate the personal and business sides of your life.

3. Posting Critical Remarks of Your Workplace Conditions

Many companies design their policies in a way that prohibit its employees from making any kind of negative comment about the company online. Is your company one of them?  Private conversation is a better option than publicizing it on your timeline.

4. Posting about the Office Skip

Don’t post on your Facebook wall if you skip the office on some personal ground. If you post, then you’re giving way to an uncomfortable conversation with your manager/ boss.

5. Socializing with everyone

Don’t go on accepting every friend request that you get or inviting everyone you know to be your buddy on social media. Keep your circle limited and selective. Think twice before you make recent acquaintances, friends of friends or potential love interests, whom you don’t know really well, part of your circle.

6. Posting Complaints of Being ‘Fed up’ Of the Job

Many employees make a mistake of sharing their state of boredom on social sites. Never share how much you dislike your current job. Even updating that you are ‘happy as FRIDAY is here’ might be interpreted wrongly if your boss happens to be an excessively critical boss.

7. Indecent Profile Pictures

Don’t put your  profile picture in semi- dressed avatar and holding a beer in hand at some party or music festival-this do not impress prospective employers.

8. Sharing A Job Offer Before Having It In Written

You’re definitely excited as you are on the verge of getting employed soon….but the mistake you make is that posting your job offer news too soon on networking sites. Avoid it! It will hint to a fellow job hunter about available job opportunity at the company and he knowingly/ unknowingly apply for the same. So, keep everything under wrap till you don’t have written confirmation for the job.

Final Word
Be thoughtful about your participation on social networks. Employers are more and more paying heed to what their current and prospective employees do on social networking sites. Networking on social sites can be bad as well good, depending on what you do online.