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“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. ” John F. Kennedy

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Life line, also known as “Jeevan Rekha”, is present in everyone’s palm. This line starts someplace between the index figure and thumb and descends towards your wrist. This line depicts the general features of life.

It indicates-

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  • Length of life
  • Potency of your vigor
  • Path of life
Nature of the Line Features
Deep and long line
  • Long life
  • Healthy constitution
  • Immense vigor
Short and deep line
  • Short life
  • Great liveliness
  • Ability to triumph over health concerns
Short and shallow Your life will be controlled by others
Double or Triple lines
  • Presence of positive forces around you
  • Great vitality in your life
Straight line (Either short or long)
  • Limited exploration of love
  • You will receive high reputation
  • Very cautious nature


Semi-circular line
  • Fervor and strength
  • Good love life
Chained line
  • Health problems
  • You may get prone to allergies
An island on the life line
  • Hospitalization due to accident
Horizontal lines intersecting the life line
  • Danger or qualms
Lines extending above the life line
  • Capability to recuperate from the situations
Lines extending below the life line
  • Habit of wasting energy
A star in the life line
  • You will have to face some sort of crisis
A square in the life line
  • Indicates turning point in your life
  • Protection at the time when required.
Broken line
  • An illness or an accident
  • Sluggishness
  • Unexpected change in life
Wavy line
  • You may have to seek the support from your family members or friends in order to become successful.
  • Unbalanced life
  • Difficulty in concentrating on things
Forked life line
  • Long distance travel
If the head line and life line are not connected
  • Independent person
If the head, heart and life line are connected at the beginning
  • You may put yourself in some sort of danger due to your bad temper