20 Ravishing Brown Hairstyles with Blonde Highlights

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Blonde highlights are a fun and fresh way to update a style without much effort. All women with brown hair can benefit from adding blonde highlights to their hair no matter what the length is. Women who have darker hair will be able to enjoy deep color changes, which is sure to help set their appearance apart.

Classic Blonde Highlighted Brown Hairstyles

We have put together 20 ravishing blonde highlights ideas for women with brown hair to rock this season.

1. French Bob

short brown hair with blonde highlights

Bobs have always been popular, and this chin-length option with subtle blonde highlights is no exception. The way the short brown hair is cut allows it to fall right around the chin, tucking under neatly, and not sticking out.

It’s a sleek and chic look for women who aren’t in the mood for something that requires a lot of styling, as the hair can easily be trained to lay this way.


2. Shaggy Bob

blonde highlights on short light brown hair

Plenty of curly layers are a wonderful way to quickly update any bob without a lot of work. These brown curls give the bob a lot of life and interest and, thanks to the light blonde highlights, it looks more refreshing and updated.

The cut does take more work to style, but the end result is something that is very modern and great for trendy women.


3. Short Angled Bob

dark brown hair with blonde highlights

There’s no reason why short hair has to be in the face, which can be a pain for all women. This cut keeps the hair pulled back from the face so that it won’t get in the way.

The golden blonde highlights on the top break up the monotony of the much darker brown hair, and the fun and short cut allows for a lot of personalities to show through.


4. Short Shag for Fine Hair

blonde highlights on brown hair

The tips of a cut can be very blunt, which can make the cut look heavy, or textured, which adds some visual weight and makes the whole thing look lighter and airier. This is a great way to disguise fine hair and can make any woman feel a bit more confident in her style.


5. Light Copper Blonde Hair Color

brown waves with light blonde highlights

Light brown hair with blonde highlights looks great when it is worn straight, curly, or wavy. This cut takes advantage of the natural wave of the hair, allowing it to add movement and volume to the cut.

The waves are styled away from the face so that the hair doesn’t get in the way during the day, ensuring that women can easily work or play.


6. Tousled Bob

Adding a bit of volume to the back of the head with some teasing is a great way to set this look apart. The blonde highlights are added to the front and to the tips of the hair, which helps to improve the illusion that the back is fuller, higher, and thicker. A great stylist can easily achieve this look.


7. Curled Down the Back

Long brown hair that has very light blonde highlights looks great when the hair is allowed to curl down the back and around the shoulders.

When paired with longer bangs that brush easily away from the face, this can be a very striking look, and one that is sure to attract attention.

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8. Classy Caramel

While bright highlights may not be for every woman, caramel is always a great option and looks wonderful with darker hair. This rich and attractive style is made even more alluring thanks to the creamy caramel blonde hair highlights perfectly scattered throughout the strands.


9. Wavy Longer Bob

Wavy bobs are always in style, and this dark brown bob gets a little extra personality thanks to the blonde highlights. Cutting the hair so that it falls just below the shoulders ensures that the cut is long enough to look a bit more mature.

There’s plenty of movement in the hair thanks to the waves, which gives it an attractive appearance.


10. Face Framing Highlights

Long Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Brown hair with highlights doesn’t ever have to be boring, as this look shows. The honey blonde highlights are light, creamy, and natural, and they are a gorgeous contrast to the darker hair on the rest of the head.

Waves around the face and highlights placed mostly around the face give this style a very natural and easy look.


11. Long Choppy Layers

Dark brown roots and striking blonde tips make this style really stand out. It’s not for the faint of heart, as it is sure to attract attention.

Curling the hair so that it doesn’t fall flat and has a lot of movement and body allows the hair to look like it has a lot of depth and interest, keeping it from being boring.


12. Redish Brown with Caramel

A red-brown bob looks refreshing when there are some caramel highlights added around the face and from the crown of the head.

Rather than looking boring and flat, these caramel highlights help to add a lot of depth to the red hair and ensure that it doesn’t look old or outdated. Keeping the hair in a chin-length bob adds interest and movement.


13. Side-parted Bob

Longer bangs are great on older women and won’t get in the way. This cut pairs classic longer bangs with a longer bob that brushes the shoulders. It’s easy to style and doesn’t require a lot of product, as the hair is allowed to remain nice and straight.

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14. Long Straight Hair + Layers

Women who are lucky enough to have straight hair that is really thick can easily wear this style. The longer hair is cut so that it will have a lot of movement and won’t simply hang flat.

With subtle blonde highlights, the dark brown hair looks incredibly natural. This also means that the highlights won’t need a lot of touching up as they grow out.


15. Pintura Highlights

Brown Curly Hair with Blonde Highlights

Natural brown curls look great on any woman who is lucky enough to have them and adding some pintura blonde highlights throughout the hair and on the tips adds interest and body.

These highlights are very light and provide an incredible contrast to the darker roots and length of the hair, which means that the end result is very attractive and impressive.


16. Long Hair + Balayage Highlights

Light brown hair looks great when it is allowed to grow really long and has a lot of great layers cut into it. The layers reduce the weight of the hair and also provide plenty of movement, ensuring that the cut looks fresh and updated. Light blonde balayage highlights make the look even more ethereal and updated.


17. Red Brown Hair + Lowlights

Bangs that are swept up from the forehead and then away from the face look very dramatic and are a wonderful way to showcase red hair with blonde highlights.

This cut has a lot of movement and natural curl, but adding some addition curls with products and styling tools helps to keep the look fresh and updated without much work.


18. Layered Hair + Bangs

Very small blonde streaks that stand out against the brown hair are a fun option for some women.

Rather than opting for highlights that blend in with the rest of the hair, these are sure to attract attention because they are so concentrated, obvious, and intentional. It’s best to have a professional add these smaller highlights for the best results.


19. Layered Bob with Bangs

brown hair with blonde highlights

These caramel brown full bangs are great, especially for younger women, and are a wonderful cut for showing off thick and chunky highlights.

Starting all of the blonde color highlights at the crown of the head is a wonderful way to disperse them evenly through the hair and will allow this look to appear natural and fun. The rest of the length is cut in a long bob to the shoulders.

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20. Light Tips with Shadow Roots

brown hairstyles with blonde highlights

Lighter tips look great when they are paired with darker roots. This can look very natural, like sun-kissed highlights that have grown out, but only when the highlights are done by a professional.

The great thing about this brown hairstyle with blonde highlights is that as the hair continues to grow out, the highlights will still look natural and will lighten up the style.