Brida – Paulo Coelho

Coelho’s Brida captures the tale of a young Irish girl who is in the pursuit of knowledge and magic. In order to help her realise her dream, she encounters a wise and willing teacher, who knows she’s his soul mate but helps her find her worldly soul mate. He helps her conquer fear and strike a balance between her everyday life and reveal the intriguing dance on the music lie hidden in this world. The story primarily deals in magic, mysticism, enlightenment, self purpose and the search for love. What we truly love is the beautiful description of the shining light that the protagonist and the master see in each other. The concept of soul mates revolves around finding the true love of your life. It takes in its loop, ancient witchcraft, previous life and ‘voices’, but never fails to interest you.

The novel is a rich read, and provides for an intriguing experience. It completely absorbs you into the story, leaving no room for imagination.