Bollywood Stars Who Certainly Need a Career Change

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Everyone has different outlook about Bollywood, whether it is about the actors, songs or films. People decide their own top choices from among them. The viewers usually divide in their judgment on the actors, as not all of them are talented in the Hindi Film Industry. Some gets ovation for their performances, by the masses across the world, while others are a pain to watch on the silver screen. There are many actresses and actors who had to give great effort to appeal to the common masses.

We are here going to mention about those actors and actresses, who tried their best to gain stardom, but somehow they are not born to be actors. Therefore, it will be good for them that they change their career immediately.

Sunil Shetty


He could never make a mark in Bollywood like the one his co-stars did. He did many films but couldn’t get fame. He usually appears in Priyadarshan’s ventures, but he was always side-lined. This is a genuine suggestion for him that he should stop irritating us, and should change his profession or should retire.

Jackie Shroff


He did really good films in his time, but come on dude, now Bollywood has changed, and people don’t wanna see you anymore on the silver screen. He is too past his prime. Hence, he should take voluntary retirement.

Abhishek Bachchan


Being a son of Superstar Amitabh Bachchan has proved really costly for him. Audiences always had a lot of expectations out of him as he was a celebrity’s kid. He almost has the same style of acting as his father has. We have no clue of whether he does it purposely or it’s in his genes. But seriously, we have already seen Big B performing fabulous acting; we don’t want something fake now. So Junior B, you should definitely change your profession.

Emraan Hashmi


He is popular as a ‘serial kisser’ in Bollywood, and you can usually see him in Mahesh Bhatt’s films. Gradually, he is trying to get into other camps, but still we didn’t see his acting talent. However, most of his songs are a huge hit and his kissing scenes might have gained him popularity, but still, we would suggest him to change his career if he can’t learn to act.

Sonam Kapoor


Although she began her career as an actor, but she couldn’t prove herself even after doing so many films. We accept that she is truly a stylish diva of Bollywood, but what about the acting skills. We think that she should immediately change her career as acting is not her cup of tea.

Preity Zinta


Ms. Zinta, we would suggest you to take a voluntary retirement from Bollywood, and you should actually start concentrating on some new venture. Bollywood has changed completely, and your latest project “Ishq in Paris” looks quite outdated and clichéd.

Imran Khan


Yes, he definitely has cute looks and he does look charming, but where is the acting? After his debut film “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na”, he has shown limited signs of being an actor, and his acting skills are monotonous. He should either buck up or should quit, and bid adieu to Bollywood.