Bollywood Stars and Their Popular Signature Moves

Bollywood is an industry that is full of variations, and from ages has seen some great film stars. There are some stars who have captured the mind of their fans, with their amazing and memorable signature moves; some of them even became a material for parody. Here are some popular signature moves that top the list.

Manoj Kumar


We don’t know that why Mr. Bharat aka Manoj Kumar used to cover his face with his palms in almost every movie, this popularly became his signature style. His style was parodied so much, but when his move was highly insulted by Shah Rukh Khan in film ‘Om Shanti Om, he became aggressive and said that he would sue SRK for this. Later, Shah Rukh had to apologize to him to end the issue

Dev Anand


He was a hyperactive star of the yesteryears, popular for hopping around and flapping his hands. His signature move is one of the popular style that is been imitated until now. This gesture was usually followed by covering his face with his palms. Dev sahib, were you trying to give a tribute to Manoj Kumar?

Rajesh Khanna


The superstar of yesteryear has his own style for dialogue delivery, and moving his hands and body. He used to make women go weak on their knees; his crinkly-eyed smile captured many hearts. Alike Dev sahib and Mr. Bharat, Kaka also had a stylish move of his own. He used to wave his arms in an unusual way affront his face, and I am sure we still remember his popular dialogue “Pushpa, I hate tears”.

Amitabh Bachchan


This legendry superstar and the style icon of the youth, is popular for his height, voice, middle parting, and amazing stunts. He too has a signature move, which has become his trademark gesture. It is one hand on his hip and with other hand saying “haaien”. Seriously, I adore his “haaien” saying style.



 Superstar Rajnikanth is a legend when it comes to his signature moves, and I just couldn’t resist myself from adding him to this list. One of his moves, in which he flips a cigarette, defies the force of gravity, and the cigarette would land directly between his lips. Another move that is copied in many films is, he shoots a bullet; slice it into four pieces, and kills four bad guys with them. Hats off to Mr. Rajni!

Shahrukh Khan


I personally love his signature move, and whenever he does it, I feel like running to him and hug him so hard. The romance king of Bollywood is definitely popular for romancing with almost every girl of the industry.  But whenever he spreads his arms, bent his knees a little, with head tilted skywards, makes women go crazy.  Many stars try to imitate his signature style, but they forget there is just one King Khan.

Nana Patekar


He is popular for his dialogue delivery and histrionic acting; his fans love him for his exaggerated acts. The way he hits on his forehead while giving his dialogue delivery, makes people laugh, and we salute him for his fake cum real acting.



He is popular for indianizing the ‘Elvis the Pelvis’ effect. His comic timing was simply amazing, his bright colored shirts with bold flowery prints, and weird monkey dance with thrusts made him popular among the audience.

Salman Khan


Another sexy Khan of Bollywood is popular for taking off his shirts in different ways. We have seen him showing his shirtless body in many films. These days, he has chosen another signature move, in which he dances by giving some nice pelvic thrusts to his fans.

We can’t forget our Bollywood beauties who etched forever in the minds of their fans, and their signature style created fashion trademarks.



Her cute Sadhna haircut was rage in the yesteryear. Few years back, Sadhna haircut came back in trend. People fondly remembered her hairstyle.



She came in trend for wearing skin-tight salwar- kameez in varied colors and designs, and of course, the Mumtaz style sari is still imitated by the current actresses.

Madhuri Dixit


The ‘Dhak-Dhak’ girl is popular among the audience for her amazing and sexy dance moves, all choreographed by Saroj Khan. We even cannot forget the way she used to utter ‘OOUCH’.