Bollywood Celebs and their Hollywood Crushes

Bollywood stars seldom talk about the name of their fraternity members and co-stars that they have crush on. But, they openly reveal their huge crushes from Hollywood. This is the safe route to take, I guess.  The list is based on the public statements that celebrities gave in various appearances. So, here is the list of Bollywood celebs and their Hollywood crushes.

1.     Rani Mukherjee and Brad Pitt


Well, she doesn’t reveal or talk much about Aditya Chopra, but, she is very happy to confess her crush on super hot Brad Pitt. Off course, we too love Brad Pitt.

2.     Bipasha Basu and Josh Hartnett


Bengali babes Bipasha Basu had a huge crush on her co-star, Josh Hartnett. She found her co-star of ‘Singularity’ as extremely hot. She was linked with him around the time, they were shooting.

3.     Preity Zinta and Tom Cruise


Millions of women worldwide are crazy to have a date with this Hollywood hunk.  Bubbly actress Preity Zinta also has a big crush on Tom Cruise. She was thrilled to meet him for the first time in Anil Kapoor’s party, in 2011.

4.     Saif Ali Khan and Raquel Welch


Although, he is married to Kareena Kapoor, but, he has a great crush on Raquel Welch. He finds her too hot to resist and see her as a major sex symbol, even though; she is 72 years old now.

5.     Shahrukh Khan and Angelina Jolie


The world is under the spell of Angelina’s beauty and some say that she has the ability to seduce even the geekiest man in the world with her seductive lips and beautiful eyes. On the other hand, SRK too know how to catch the fancy of women. He met Angelina at the Golden Globes Award and since then, he has a huge crush on Jolie.

6.     Kareena Kapoor and Leonardo DiCaprio


Though, she is married now, but she happily admitted on a television chat show that she won’t mind cheating her boyfriend, if she gets Leonardo. She said, “He is really a hot man”.  Are you listening Saif? Be aware dude!

7.     Ranbir Kapoor has a Crush on Halle Berry and Jessica Biel


We all know that Ranbir likes pretty women. He is the playboy of the Bollywood. He was in a relationship with some of the hottest beauties of the tinsel town. He admits his crush on Hollywood’s hotties, who have perfect shapes, which includes Jessica Biel and Halle Berry.

8.     Katrina Kaif and Robert Pattinson


She keeps her lips tied, whenever, she is asked about her relationship status with Salman Khan. However, she reveals her obsessive crush on the “Twilight” star, Robert Pattinson. She is keen to meet him. She is even trying to organize a meeting with him from so long. We too are mesmerised with the charm of the hottest vampire ever.

9.     Priyanka Chopra has a crush on Gerard Butler and Robert Pattinson


She thinks that the best part about “Twilight” series is the hot vampire, Robert Pattinson. She has a huge crush on him. She even finds Gerard Butler a charming, good looking and hot man. I wonder why she didn’t date Gerard, when he publically declared his liking for her!

10.       Sonam Kapoor and Leonardo DiCaprio


The stylish diva of Bollywood won’t utter a single word on her relationship with Punit Malhotra. However, she publically accepts her infatuation for Leonardo DiCaprio. She can speak all day long, if asked about Leonardo and yes, we can see the blushing too.