Blue or Black! What Is Your Color To Impress Your Boss?

You have tied your hair, put on a decent perfume, worn mirror cracking shoes and you are off for your interview. Have you forgotten to notice something important while you were getting ready for the interview? What is it? Is it your old red blazer that making you appear like a joker in front of your boss, or the red color that might send the wrong signals to your boss? Sometimes we fail to realize the importance of dressing- up correctly in our professional lives. Colors do affect our moods. They do tell about our personality more than we speak. So, be selective in whatever you choose from shirts to blazers, to blouses for appearing in an interview, for a perfect business setting.

Let us enter to the world of colors and its significance in professional lives.



Black is the color of power and authority. It’s timeless and is super stylish. Of course, it makes you look slimmer but avoid too much of black in your professorial life as you may appear a little authoritative and unapproachable.



Gray is one of the best colors to carry in an interview.  Grey represents confidence and sophistication. Since it is not an annoying color  your interviewer will pay more attention to you. Believe me!!



White is timeless. It’s popular because of its neutral, light, and soothing effect. Wearing white for an interview marks simplicity and purity. It goes along with every color  You can mix and match with anything you like to wear. So, if you choose white color  you are always on the safer side.



Red is the most aggressive and emotionally intense color  It makes the person look plumper than reality. Avoid wearing this intense color  There are possibilities that it sends a wrong signal to your boss. But, we can’t neglect this color completely as red is the color of passion and love.



Sunny yellow is an attention seeker. It is the most diff color for an eye to perceive. Yellow enhances a lot of concentration; hence we use it for official pages.



Green is nature’s representation. It can be very refreshing and calming to one’s eye. Dark green signifies conservative and wealth vibes.



A color of luxury, royalty and sophistication… It’s very much feminine and romantic. Beware! Wearing it for an interview is defiantly not a good choice. Purple can make you appear very artificial.



A color of the ocean and the sky… Blue is an apt color to be worn for an interview. It is peaceful, tranquil, and charming. I would advice wearing blues as it is a symbol of control and royalty.



Reliable and solid! It marks the color of the earth. Brown symbolizes your down to earth nature. It makes you appear kind and gentle in the interviewer’s eye. The color reflects stability and enhances communication.

So, what’s your color for the interview? Do tell!