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What is it about a well fitted blazer that gets heads turning? Is it that aura of sophistication that comes along with it? Or is it the madly sought after, bold-statement making quality of it so different from your soft, feminine avatar. Whatever it is, we swear by this piece of clothing and push you to grab lots and lots of these divine looking hotties. The blazer, which was once only the prerogative of men, has now very happily made a place in our wardrobes. And with the constant love we bestow upon it, we’re sure it’s happy with the switch.

  • The first and foremost priority when choosing a blazer for yourself… is the fit. Never, we repeat, never go for a loose, ill fitted and baggy looking blazer. For this, will not only look hideous in itself but will also play havoc on the rest of your attire. Likewise, do not choose a size less than your actual number, ‘cuz you might risk looking too stuffed up and jammed. So pick up the one that fits you just right, allows enough space to inhale-exhale and doesn’t look borrowed from a friend either (much worse: stolen from your grandpa’s cupboard).
  • Avoid sticking to the neutrals. Black, brown, beige and nude is definitely hot but it’s safe too. And you’ve been sailing in the protected waters for much too long now. Pick up a yellow or a turquoise or an electric blue and step out. Yes, people will stare at you just because they are in awe of you for pulling it off so well. And not because they think you’re eccentric.
  • The boyfriend blazer is what we truly, genuinely vouch for. The style’s been in for quite some time and we don’t see it fading off either. So if you’ve been procrastinating this buy, we advise you to shed that lazy bone and get yourself one, two, three… nine of these now. The best way to exhibit your classy mode is to team them up with a skinny jeans, jeggings, leggings or shorts.
  • The classic and modern type of blazer is not that depressing either but you aren’t fifty yet? Are you? So leave those ones for the more subtle days of dressing or better, send your grandmom a surprise gift this weekend. And since we don’t want you to include these in your current wardrobe, we aren’t going to assist you in choosing what to wear it with. *smug*


  • The black lapel blazers can be mixed and matched with plenty of prints, be it floral, geometric, polka or animal print. These can be worn at any time during the day, to every event of our life and to gain just about everyone’s appreciation.
  • Defined, distinct collar designs also add to the finesse and appearance. The notched collar, shawl collar, peak collar, Peter Pan collar and absolutely no collar, all bring out individualistic styles to the fore.
  • You can always team up your blazer with the right accessory. Bring out the chunkiest and brightest of pieces from your drawer, be it bracelets, earrings or chic neckpieces. Everything goes perfectly well and helps in making your ensemble complete.
  • And the shoes! Who can ever forget the shoes! Right from the pretty pump to the beautiful ballerina, every kind of shoe is ready to serve your bold blazer. And moccasins? Oh, they never said a no too.

The modern, no-nonsense feel is unique to blazers alone. No other piece of clothing can make you look as urbane and endearing at the same time.