10 Best Purple Black Hair Color Ideas to Rock in 2019

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If you are looking for a new shade for your hair, try the purple black hair color that is attractive and glamorous – without suggesting a major change.  Over the recent few years, we have seen hair color trends go from the minimalistic brown, brunette and blonde shade to the extravagant hues of peach, pink, and even mermaid.

If you are also looking for a change of hair color, try the purple and black hair plunge that is the trendiest shade for 2019. In this guide, take a look at some of the top hair colors in the shades of purple and black.


Amazing Black to Purple Hairstyles

Following are the most ravishing ways to style hair with purple black hair color

1. Purple Hair with Dark Roots

purple hair with black roots

The perfect combination for girls who have dark hair color. Simply leave the roots with their natural coloring and add a pop of glossy purple to the remaining locks. The black purple hair color look is not only stunning but as subtle as you can get with a new shade. Right?


2. Purple Highlights On Black Hair

purple highlights on black hair

Another way to hint purple in black color hair is to add highlights. Give the hair variant shades of purple to make the look stand out more. If you have long hair, try adding curls to the bottom for an amazing overall effect.


3. Purple with a Cherry on Top

purple black hair colors

Purple and red go great together – and not just in décor. Try blending the colors together for a mesmerizing style. Take a look at this selected purple and black hairstyle where the red is on the top and blends effortlessly with the shades of purple.


4. Curly Short Purple Hair

short curly purple black hair

Short and curly hair is the ideal candidates for purple dye.  The messy tousled bob hairdo is cute and girlie while versatile as well. Try throwing in a blend of pink along with the purple for an interesting combination.

If you don’t have natural curls in your hair, you can still achieve the same look with hair curlers or even straighteners.


5. Purple Ombre on Short Hair

purple black bob

We call it the Kool-Aid effect where you dye your short black hair in the shades of purple ombre for a bold change. The sleek and short angled bob haircut in purple is the best way to stand out from the rest in your clan. But are you daring enough to pull it off?


6. Black, Purple and Blue Ombre

Another rich color combination that is awe-worthy is the purple and blue ombre on black colored hair. Both the royal shades enhance the glossiness of the locks and create a mermaid-inspired effect.


7. Long Pixie with Bangs

For women with dark colored skin, we suggest going for light shades of purple – more in the pastel hues. This black and purple hair color may be a bold change but many women can effortlessly rock the look with the grace and style they possess.


8. The Balayage

Balayage is a new concept in hair dying where the stylist adds color to the hair in such a way that it creates a natural effect.  A balayage is similar to thick highlights and add tons of depth and dimension to the hair.

For this look, the hair stylist has used a dark shade of purple on naturally black colored hair for the sweet and sober outcome.


9. Pastel Purple Hair

pastel purple balayage on black hair

For the light colored hair, we have the combination of warm and cold that compliments most skin tones. However, the roots are left virgin with an aim to save you on salon visits. Mix it up with a soft black purple hairstyle such as light curls or braid for a complete diva look.


10. Mohawk with Shaved Sides

mohawk purple with black roots

Last but not least, we have purple Mohawk. The purple shade blends well with the dark-colored shaven sides for a hip and rockster inspired look.

Take inspiration from the British celebrity Kelly Osbourne who has opted for lavender wavy Mohawk with the sides neatly razored off.


Here, we showed you some of the best purple black hair color ideas. Let us know which one inspired you for the change and talk to your hairstylist for a combination and style of purple that best suits your face cut, color, and personality.

Good luck!