7 Staggering Ponytail Updo Hairstyles for Black Women

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Ponytail updos for black hair have a major influence on the hairstyle industry since they are chic, elegant and hot at the same time. The hair is tightly pulled up in an updo to have it fall gently through the hair tie. The stylish and fashionable black ponytail updo hairstyles are highly desirable no matter your age as they make you look young and confident.


Best Black Ponytail Updo Hairstyles

Your inner glow shines in the form the smooth shiny hair in a ponytail updo. Here are 7 exquisite black girls ponytail updo hairstyles for you to take inspiration from.

1. Sleek Ponytail

weave ponytail updo for black women

This hot and sultry ponytail updo for black hair is all that you need to lift up your whole persona this season. The hair is all pulled into a sleek straight Afro ponytail which gives you a sharp and well put together look.

To make it even cooler and fun you can add a fake tattoo at the forehead just like this one so that there is just no denying your obvious wit and charm.


2. Low Ponytail

low ponytail updo for black women

Why go for a weave and have a black ponytail updo when you can have a smart and classy low ponytail with your natural hair? Your own hair is beautiful and deserves to shine and dazzle others with its beauty. The middle parting is the finest addition to this hairstyle to make sure that you are the hottest person wherever you go.


3. Half up Half Down Curly Hair

ponytail updo hairstyles for black women

The kinks in your Afro hair are something to be proud of since they add such a sexy aura to your personality that it is hard to not feel the hots for you. The kinky ponytail is made more voluminous with a weave and the front Afro bangs top off the whole look. You are sure to get a lot of appreciative stares with this one so considers it for your next style update.


4. Bubble Ponytail

black girl with bubble ponytail updo

This fun and electrifying bubble ponytail updo for black girls is the right way of boosting your bubbly charm this season. The bubbles are all bouncy and trendy as they gradually go smaller and thinner. The intricate pattern of braids at the front is spectacular too which makes your hairstyle a piece of art.


5. Puff Ponytail

black girl with puff ponytail updo

Ponytail updo for black hair can be at their best when they are on some frizzy hair. This is one of those updo ideas which make sure that every single curl in your hair is put on a full display and the shine of your hair elicits awe in people who see you.

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6. Ponytail Updo with Goddess Braid

goddess braided ponytail updo

All that vim and vigor in your core needs to come out and show in everything that you do. This glamorous black ponytail updo with tracks hair does just that and all the worries of having the perfect updo will be gone as soon as you get it.


7. Cornrow Braided Ponytail

black ponytail updo with cornrow braids

Braids are classy and fashionable and when merged with a high ponytail they are absolutely spiffing. The braided pattern on the scalp complements the sleek high ponytail updo for black ladies so well that it is a treat for eyes.


The black ponytail updo hairstyles are classy, energetic and sexy so go ahead and yourself one to show the real you to the world!