21 Delightful Pixie Cuts for Black African American Women

A pixie cut for black hair is officially the top most requested hairstyle for African-American women this year. These are very short, but very practical crops that will save you a lot of time. Can you imagine washing your hair and styling it in only 10 minutes? Well, that’s just one of the amazing things about a pixie cut that will literally change your mind.


How to Style Pixie Cut for Black Women

How to Style Black Pixie Cut

Cutting the hair of an African-American woman is much harder than it looks. The natural texture makes it complicated, so you should always find an experienced hair stylist that specializes in that area. If you are willing to try it at home, we can give you some of the most important tips. There is an option to cut it dry or wet. If you are a beginner always cut the mane dry. That way you’ll have more precision and less space for mistakes. Grab a pair of scissors and you can begin.

There are many variations of pixie cuts, which means you should first choose your favorite style. Once you have, get the scissors. Create a middle part all the way to the neck with a comb. Do another one that goes from one ear to the other. Tie the sections with hairbands and begin with the front one. You have to decide regarding the length.

Hold the hair strands between the fingers of one hand and clip the hair with the scissors to the preferred length. You can do the front section in layers, shorter on the side, longer in the middle. It all depends on what you like. Continue doing this for all the remaining hair.

One very popular idea with pixie cuts for African-American women is getting short sides, patterns, or undercuts. You can do this with an electric trimmer. This is a group of very diverse haircuts, which means you can do whatever you like, starting with color, length, and so on.


Watch The Following Tutorial to Learn How to Style Pixie Cut for Black Hair


Latest African American Pixie Hairstyles

We have curated a list of 21 trendy black pixie cuts that’ll be trending like crazy this year.

1. Pastel Pink Pixie Cut

Pastel Pink Short Pixie Cut for Black Hair

If you love pastel shades, soft pink is so flattering on dark skin tones. This girly hue will become your favorite, especially combined with an African-American pixie cut.

Ideal for: Great for younger girls who can experiment with different looks.

How to Style: Leave your natural curls be, and use products to protect the new hair color.


2. Grey Pixie Hairstyle

African American Grey Pixie Cut

Grey is on trend once again.

Ideal for: Great for ladies who already have grey hairs and want to show them off in the best possible way.

How to Style: Ask for an undercut on the sides and in the back.


3. Pixie with Purple Highlights

pixie with purple highlights for black women

Highlighting your black pixie cut is the best idea ever. You can do it with any color, but short purple hair seems like a very unique match.

Ideal for: Great for African-American gals who really need a change.

How to Style: Wear it straight and spiky to best debut the highlights.


4. Spiky Pixie Cut with Side Patterns

Black Girl with Spiky Pixie Cut

You can definitely straighten your curly hair and get this look whenever you want. The side patterns make it so special.

Ideal for: It’s perfect for events where you’ll want to stand out.

How to Style: Grab your straightening iron, it’s time to do the spikes. You’ll need a strong-hold hair product.


5. Bowl Cut with Patterns

short pixie cut for black hair

This artistic hairstyle is meant for the bravest.

Ideal for: When you are tired of the same old haircuts, why not experiment with something this eye-catching?

How to Style: Talk to your hairstylist and let them know that you want this exact mane.


6. Short Pixie with Bangs

This style used to be lame, but now are so popular!

Ideal for: Best for black women with straight hair, or the ones who don’t mind straightening it often.

How to Style: Get your straightening iron and rock the long fringe.


7. Mohawk with Caramel Highlights

mohawk pixie for black women

Another pixie cut for black hair that is both fabulous and chic at the same time.

Ideal for: Great for all African-American gals who need a short crop.

How to Style: Get caramel highlights on your dark brown hair and you won’t be sorry.


8. Accessorized Afro Cut

Black ladies who are blessed with those beautiful tiny curls can also try a short pixie hairstyle.

Ideal for: This is a mane that is meant for literally everyone.

How to Style: Grab the bobby pins and just place them wherever you want in a chic pattern.


9. Layered Pixie Cut with Blonde Bangs

Why not get creative with hair colors? This is a cool pixie cut for black girls.

Ideal for: It’s always interesting to mix up several contrasting hair colors. This is definitely meant for younger females.

How to Style: Get long bangs and color them in a striking blonde hue.


10. Natural Afro with An Undercut

black pixie cut for afro hair

Natural afro hairstyles are much easier to maintain when they are short.

Ideal for: If you want to keep the natural texture of your hair you can do that with this haircut.

How to Style: The undercut on the sides will help you control the curls better and faster.


11. Red and Purple Ombre Pixie Cut

When you have a simple short mane you can feel free to get creative with colors.

Ideal for: Red and purple are so flattering for dark skin tones.

How to Style: It’s your choice how you’ll mix the two colors.


12. Feathered Short Pixie

Feathered hairstyles are making a comeback.

Ideal for: Ladies in their 40s and 50s will be obsessed with the fun feathered black pixie haircut.

How to Style: Go through the hair with a wide-tooth comb.


13. Curly Mohawk Cut

You can take your curls to a new level by trying a Mohawk.

Ideal for: Great for when you want to be the fiercest girl around.

How to Style: Use a styling product to take the curls up in a Mohawk.

Offbeat Mohawk with Shaved Sides for Women


14. Classic Messy Short Pixie

Sometimes natural and messy is the best option.

Ideal for: An effortless pixie cut for black women who don’t have free time.

How to Style: Leave your hair dry out naturally and use products for volume.


15. Short Wavy Pixie Cut

Short African American Pixie Cut

If you are flaunting an elegant dress, this hairstyle will look amazing.

Ideal for: Ideal for special events.

How to Style: You can do these swirls with either a small curling wand or rollers.


16. Black Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

Short cuts can definitely benefit a lot from bangs.

Ideal for: Great for women with the round face shape.

How to Style: Keep the pixie cut for black girl short and take the bangs to the side.


17. Straight Pixie with Long Side Fringe

Side-swept bangs can cover a large forehead and make any face look more attractive.

Ideal for: Perfect haircut for girls who have big forehead &  prefer to have long hair in the top but also want to try an undercut.

How to Style: Straighten the bangs and sweep them to the side.


18. Pixie Cut with Micro Bangs

Micro bangs are amazing even when added to a very short pixie cut for black hair.

Ideal for: Great for all ladies who are getting bangs for the first time because you can also easily sweep them to the side if you don’t like how they look.

How to Style: This hairstyle works best with straight hair.


19. Curly Purple Pixie with Undercut

Purple is everywhere you turn around this season!

Ideal for: Great for ladies who want an undercut, but also a unique color.

How to Style: Leave your curls in the top part long, and do undercuts on both sides.


20. Platinum Pixie Cut

short platinum pixie cut for black women

Platinum is that eye-catching shade of blonde that is still very much popular.

Ideal for: Elevate your basic pixie cut for black hair with the stunning platinum. It’s very flattering for all ages.

How to Style: Keep it short and simple.


21. Lavender & Blonde Pixie Hairstyle

black girl with blonde pixie cut

Spice up your perfect blonde hair color with hints of lavender.

Ideal for: African-American women don’t have to stick to their dark hair color. Instead, they can try a range of light shades and it’s much easier when you do that on a short haircut.

How to Style: You can opt for messy curls or twists.


Getting a pixie cut for black women will be the best thing you’ve ever done. These cute and very cool hairstyles are so popular, that even the biggest stars are showing them off. And let’s not forget that super-hot days are coming, which means that you’ll definitely need a simple hairstyle that looks stylish but it’s easy to maintain.