How to Style Black Hair with Red Tips – 6 Amazing Ideas

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Black hair with red tips are pretty trendy and fashionable this year and you’ll see tons of women signing up for this look every day! Are you planning on getting red tips on black hair but not sure how you’re going to style them? Well, worry no more because styling black to red hair is actually pretty easy and the end result is amazing!


Latest Black Hairstyles with Red Tips

Here are a few ways to style your black hair with red ends:

1. Waterfall Curls

black hair with red curly tips

The hairstyle shown above looks gorgeous and is a great hairstyle for black hair with red tips! To achieve this hairstyle, curl the red tips of your hair with a curling rod and enjoy the look! This hairstyle accentuates the red tips and enhances the look of the transition between your black hair to red tips.


2. Wavy Black Hair with Red Ends

Long Wavy Black Hair with Red Ends

Adding a side flick to black long hair with wavy red tips and then straightening them will give you the hairstyle shown in the picture above. You also need to make a side part so that your flick becomes prominent. The hairstyle shown above looks wonderful and is great if you’re going for a casual look.


3. Medium Layered Hair with Bangs

Medium Layered Black Hair with Red Tips

Get a medium layered bob and then transform your black hair ends into red ends! After that, straighten your hair and there you go, you have this simple and casual hairstyle ready within minutes! This hairstyle looks amazing and is easy to carry during the summer season. It looks refreshing and classy as well.


4. Long Choppy Layered Hair with Red Ends

Long Layered Black Hair with Red Tips

This black hairstyle with red tips looks absolutely stunning! The layers give the hairstyle a unique and bouncy look. This look is not only great for casual occasions but it will also bring out your hair color on formal occasions as well!


5. Tousled Bob

black beachy wave hair with red tips

To get the hairstyle shown above, you need to make sure you get black hair with red tips after cutting your hair short. Next, curl your hair using a hair dryer and curling rods that are made of cloth or any other similar material. Just apply enough heat so that the curls stay loose, you don’t want tight curls, you just want beach waves!


6. The Simple Look

black hair with red tips

This red ends on the black hairstyle is pretty easy to get and doesn’t need a haircut either if you have hair of the length shown in the photo above! All you have to do is straighten your hair and then tie it into a ponytail or a bun. The next morning, open your hair and you’ll get this messy yet sexy black hair with red tips look!


So, what are you waiting for? Get the black hair with red tips that you’ve been dreaming of. Life is too short not to experiment with your hair, which is why you need to start right away! Remember, black to red hair are also pretty fashionable this summer and you’re going to love them!