6 Classic Ways to Style Curly Ponytails for Black Women

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Black women have a whole different world of hairstyling since they have a unique and lovely hair type. The curly ponytail hairstyles for black hair are even more popular since they have the right texture and volume to have people hooked to them. Everything from Afro curls to chic straight bobs looks so elegant and stylish on them that they are a hairstyle inspiration for women across the globe.


Best Curly Ponytail Hairstyles for Black Hair

Here are 6 ways to style curly ponytails for black hair to have even more fun with their hair.

1. Genie Ponytail

curly genie ponytail for black women

A high ponytail is classy and hot, but an extended curly ponytail black hair surpasses all ponytail styles in class and appeal. The loose messy curls are all teased and pulled into a sleek ponytail which gives them the right fashionista feel. The bright yellow string wrapped to fasten the ponytail adds more pop and vigor to it.


2. Low Curly Ponytail

side curly ponytail

This low ponytail has the curls swept gently to a side which adds more character and roughness to it. The curls are all small rings and long which are perfectly balanced by the sleek combed back hair at the front.

The hair parted from the middle and is neatly brushed back while pins are used to keep it in its place and to decorate it as well. It is one of the best styles to try if you love ponytails.

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3. Feed-in Braids with Ponytail

Black Girl with Feed-in Braids with Ponytail

Feed in braids makes an intricate pattern of cornrows at the front of your head which has a unique style and feel to it. The feed-in braids are then pulled through a top ponytail which falls to a side of your face in hot messy curls.

This curly ponytail hairstyle for black hair is all that you need this time around to make sure that you grab all the attention wherever you go.


4. Side Kinky Ponytail

black ponytail for curly afro hair

Kinky ponytails are an amazing version of styling curly ponytails for black women but when they are dyed they are absolutely breathtaking. This gorgeous side pony flaunts your Afro plum brown hair in such a lovely and bold manner that it gives you unbeatable confidence. The charming hot look that comes with it is the perfect Instagram look that you need to boost your social media presence.


5. Cornrow Ponytail

cornrow ponytail for curly hair

Some sleek intricate cornrows can be magical when it comes to having an amazing curly ponytail hairstyle for black women. These neat cornrows are pulled through a messy ponytail which has ruffled and loosely bound curls. The high ponytail makes sure that all the curls fall around in natural cascades which everybody is going to love.


6. Wild Top Ponytail

black women ponytail for curly frizzy hair

This black curly ponytail is for the unbending and resilient girls who have a beautiful and confident spirit. The tracks hair is tied in a very high ponytail and falls wildly to a side which makes for a hot and irresistibly sexy hairstyle.


These 6 ways of styling curly ponytails for black hair are something that every black woman should try and have fun with. So, go ahead and give these a shot!