Bigg Boss 7 Nominations for Week 5

It seems like drama has no mood to stop inside the Bigg Boss house. With every passing week, controversies and quarrels are taking a more hostile shape. But don’t panic because drama, arguments, and controversies make Bigg Boss what it is. Last week, Ratan Rajput faced an eviction despite being a leading television actress. Possibilities for her eviction can be her silence in the house and non interactive nature of hers with the rest of the inmates.

A new week has started, and like every Monday, this Monday proved to be a ‘Maha’ one for the inmates as they had to face the nominations. This week, all the Jannat wasis were told to take the names of two jahanum vasis for nominations and vice versa was being told to jahanum vasis. Let’s see who got nominated for the week five and why?

1. Tanisha


Tanisha got the maximum number of nominations for this week. She got 5 nominations from Kushal, Sangram, Apurva, Shilpa, and Andy. The possible reason could be her changing nature and attitude towards inmates after she has gotten closed to Armaan. Earlier she was being liked by every inmate and was chosen as the house captain for two consecutive weeks. Interestingly, Tanisha could not take part in the elimination process as being deprived of participation by Ratan Rajput under a special privilege.

2. Armaan Kohli


Since day 1, Armaan has been on hit list of every inmate except a very few, like Tanisha, Kamya, and Pratyusha. Armaan has projected himself as a very arrogant and stubborn person who has his own rules and principles to live the life. He has even challenged Bigg Boss several times on the show for not providing food. Armaan has been nominated quite a number of times in these 5 weeks but has been saved by public votes. It seems that public wants such kind of drama in the house.

3. Andy


It was quite shocking to see Andy being nominated once again in the nominations. Personally, I find Andy to be one transparent and fair player of the show, and that is what inmates probably dislike about him. However, he got only 2 votes namely by Elli and Armaan, but as the game approaches to final, people with even 2 votes will be nominated for eviction. Now, it all depends on Andy’s fans that they save him or not.

4. Kamya Panjabi


Last week proved to be a good week for Kamya as she didn’t get into a petty argument with any inmate, and that is why none of the inmates took her name in the eviction process. However, she cried and begged that she wanted to go back to home and stay with her 4 year old daughter. Kamya also confessed that she had come to the Bigg Boss to earn for her daughter and to fight the loneliness of her life. So, she was voted by Gauhar under a special privilege where she saved Kushal and voted Kamya lieu of him. According to me, Kamya should stay in the house and set an example for all such single moms, to fight with dignity being a woman of substance.

5. Shilpa Agnihotri


The magic wand that Shilpa used on every inmate since day 1 seemed to be fading away last week, and it showed up clearly in this week’s eviction. She got 3 votes namely by Armaan, Asif, and Pratyusha. Shilpa tries to make sure that people like her and admire her but this strategy has been revealed, and people now understand that what kind of game she is playing in the house.

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