Bigg Boss 7 Is Big Money Game for Salman Khan


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No matter through which phase Salman Khan is going on legal front, but his stars and kismet both are flying high on professional front. No, he has not signed 5 movies altogether. He has just signed a television show – Bigg Boss Season 7. Salman has signed the show where his earnings will be 5 crore per episode, and he will be taking home a total of 130 crore for the entire season.


According to sources, Salman was being paid 2.5 crore per episode for Season 6. And now, with this whopping amount of 5 crore per episode has made Salman Khan the highest paid actor on Indian Televison, beating Aamir Khan who took 3 crore per episode for Satyamev Jayate.


The initial promos and teasers of the show are already on-air on Colors. Salman will be seen in a double role, as the concept of the show is – Heaven and Hell. While asking more about the show, the channel officials denied revealing the details of the show. A source revealed that Salman is charging the double amount as he has a double role and that it will consume more time to shoot for two themes. Moreover, Salman wants to finish shooting for initial episodes, before his trial in court on 19th August.

The show, which is produced by Colors, was first developed by Endemol India who has also produced Big Brother, won by Shilpa Shetty in 2007.

All that we can say is- it is a terrific and great money move for Salman Khan, where he is charging the cost of his one movie into one episode of the show.