Bigg Boss 7 Eliminations for Week 6

Bigg Boss is getting on a more surprising and interesting note as days are passing by. Recently, it was quite shocking to see Shilpa Agnihotri moving out of the house. It was quite unexpected as it was being said that Shilpa is a strong player and will go far in the game. Last to last week, it was Ratan, and now it’s Shilpa. Two television actresses straight in row indicate that people want some other kind of masala in the show.  On Saturday, Shilpa and Kamya were in the bottom two while Armaan was saved by his fans, despite creating chaos in the house.

Another new week came and Monday, like every other called for nominations. Nominations were quite expected. Let’s see who has got nominated this week and on what grounds?

1. Armaan Kohli


Armaan was nominated straight away by Shilpa, given the special right to vote out a person. But, I am pretty sure that if Shilpa wouldn’t have nominated him, even then he would have gotten nominated for eviction. Armaan is now proving to be  chaos in the house, and he is over reacting on things. Or, I should rather say that he is trying to become Vindu, who won the Bigg Boss trophy by his strategies. But, Let me tell you Armaan, stop imitating others and be yourself, else you will face the same situation what you have faced in the industry in last 17 years.

2. Tanisha Mukherjee


Tanisha seemed to be on the hit list of almost every inmate, except a few. She got nominated with 5 votes against her, namely by Kamya, Pratyusha, Gauhar, Kushal, and Andy. The onset of this week saw the petty quarrel between Tanisha and Armaan, and they seemed to be talking less to each other. It looks as Tanisha has realized that if she continues to run after Armaan, Bigg Boss trophy will run away from her, which she doesn’t want.

3. Pratyusha Banarjee


Pratyusha is another one who got the maximum number of votes against her to get nominated. It seems like Bigg Boss house has got divided into two groups, and all those who voted out for Pratyusha are all against Kamya and Pratyusha. Last week, Kamya had to face the nomination and this week, Pratyusha. Moreover, Pratyusha has been getting low number of votes by the audience of the show. Now, let’s see whether her fans would save her or not, from getting evicted.

 4. Vivek Mishra


Vivek’s nomination was another expected one as every new member of the house faces nomination. Same happened with Asif when he entered the house. Vivek has started to create the controversy since day one and has had got into an argument, and later fight with Kushal. Vivek is a nude yoga instructor and is famous as being a controversial person. He accused Raja Chaudhary (Shweta Tiwari’s ex-husband) of attempting rape.

5. Asif Azim


It would not be erroneous if I call Asif ‘the most bechara contestant of the season’. He does not get indulged into any controversy and stays away from fights, but still he is on the hit list of everyone. Though, he has not got many votes against him, but still there were enough to nominate him. Till now, Asif has been grabbing a lot of attention and votes by his fans. I hope that he continues to do that this week, as well, and get safe from eviction.

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