Bigg Boss 7: An Exciting Twist on the Show


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Controversies, drama, romance, backstabbing, and bitching are some of the traits that one can witness in the Bigg Boss house every year. Besides, creative heads and producers come up with a new and significant twist during the show.


Bigg Boss 7 started on a very exciting theme of hell and heaven where half of the inmates were supposed to stay on the hell side while others were supposed to stay on the heaven side. This brought in a new excitement on the show as hell mates were deprived of taking part in the eviction while heaven mates could vote only for hell mates. This created an air of biasness on the show. Later, both teams were asked to exchange the sides and hell mates were transferred to the heaven side and vice versa.


Now viewers will get to see a new twist on the show, and that will be kind of both good news and bad news. In the coming episodes, hell mates will join the heaven mates, and there will be only one side of the house – heaven. This sounds good for hell mates, but this concept is going to create more controversy and chaos in the house. Now, all the 12 members will have to share the same number of beds in the heaven area, and there will be only one toilet and one bathroom to use for all the 12 members.


Now, how much twist and TRP it will bring to show, we will watch it out.