Beware of Depression: Sulking Tendencies May Eat your Brain

We all feel low and gloomy at some point of time in our lives. We feel nothing left for us. We drop interest in everything but the seriousness enlarges if this feeling aggravates every day, we stop enjoying life and go in subterranean isolation. Depression is a serious illness which makes a person go nutty and make things very convoluted to cope up with daily activities in our existence.


Tell the dilemma to a person you can confide in or you can seek assistance from a professional.

Youngsters countenance this problem ‘Depression’ the most. They start spending a lot of time with themselves. They don’t want their family or anyone to perturb their privacy. They also face obstacles at workplace or in their studies. Effects of depression can be long term also like; break up, quitting or switching jobs, and suicide.

Symptoms of Depression

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Grounds of Depression

A person may face lot of problem in his /her life and expected to become depressed. Life is not bed of roses… We face problems in school, college, office and in broken relationships. We don’t know how to deal with all nuisances and tend to go in isolation. Here are the few reasons.

  • Victim of violence and abusive activity in childhood
  • Going through major illness or injury, such as diabetes or cancer.
  • Any mental illness or inherited propensity to dig up depression.
  • Bullying, conflict, abuse or violence in family, workplace or school.
  • Lack of confidence and success or unemployment
  • Homeliness
  • Some people feel depressed because of their shy behaviour, self critical, extra sensitive nature.

Mode to Deal with Gloominess

Depression is not a disease that can’t be cured. We just need to be little encouraging to deal with the exertion. Here we give you few solutions.

  • At all times feel free to converse about the undergoing. Speak about the sensitivity to a person you have faith such as parents, friends, colleagues or a counsellor.
  • Start exercising.
  • Healthy diet can lend a hand over depression.
  • Get proper sleep
  • Stay connected with friends.


Never take help of alcohol or drugs to come out of Depression. It’s merely a myth.