Best Technique to Remove Pubic Hair with Hair Removal Creams

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Pubic hair is one of the greatest issues in a girl’s life. You wanna get rid of them, but then, the skin there is too sensitive to experiment. If you have the guts and you are willing to bare all in front of a stranger you may go for bikini waxing. Waxing, so far, is actually the best way to treat pubic hair, but, even that goes wrong sometimes and you can have problems, like ingrown hair and allergies. The easier ways are either to shave them or use a hair removal cream. Shaving isn’t very practical for pubic hair as it amplifies the hair growth and the hair tends to become thicker. You shave one day and you’ll notice prickly strands coming out the next morning itself, which can be very frustrating. Using hair removal creams is fine as long as you know the right way to do it.


So, here’s all about how to go about using hair removal creams for your pubic hair.

First of all, let’s see how the hair removal creams or depilatories work.

They have strong chemical that break down the hair, so that, it can be wiped off. So, get one thing straight that when you are using a hair removal cream, you are not getting the hair from their roots. So, it wouldn’t last very long, but, longer than shaving for sure

Here’s the right method to go about the hair removal cream down there.

1. Testing


First, test the cream on a small section. Just apply it on a small patch of your outer pubic hair. It might cause a little itching as it does have strong chemicals. Wait for 5 to 8 minutes and wipe it off with a damp soft towel. It would be better, if you use a slightly warm towel. Wait for an hour or two and look for any signs of irritation or rashes. If you find your skin extremely reddened or bumpy, then, it’s better not to use the cream.

So, you can either try a different cream or reside for some other way of hair removal.

2. Trimming


Once you’ve found the best cream for your skin, it should be easier. Trim you hair beforehand. This way, you’ll need lesser amount of the cream and less cream means less chemical on your skin. Trimmed hair would easily breakdown in 5 to 6 minutes and you can wipe it off easily.

3. Area to Cover


Do not use the cream on the genitals, no matter what. Don’t go too deep coz if the product touches your mucosa membrane, it’d burn like anything and may cause internal injury. So, just trim the hair on the innermost line or shave them, if you like.

4. Timing


You cannot leave the product on your pubic hair for more than 5 to 8 minutes; otherwise, it may hurt the skin. Remember you are treating a super sensitive area and you can’t be careless about it. One wrong move can land you in huge trouble. So, make sure, you don’t leave the product for too long. If you have coarse thick hair, then, you may repeat the application after a wash.

5.  Washing


Okay, so you wiped it all off, now what? Wash it with an anti bacterial liquid to prevent any infection. You can simply add some Dettol to water and wash intensely. Don’t use soap or body wash. Once you are out of the bathroom, put a light moisturizer to soothe the skin. You may massage it gently for a few minutes to relax the tissues down there.

Now you know the procedure, but, can you use any hair removal cream on your pubic hair? Well, that depends a lot on what your skin adapts to. But, yes there are a certain creams that have got better responses than the rest.

Here they are:



It is a hair removal cream that is easily available and has got good user reviews. It comes for sensitive skin, normal skin and dry skin, so, you can pick your type. However, Feminiya would suggest going for the ‘sensitive skin’ option while you are thinking pubic hair.

Sally Hansen


It is a pure scent satin hair removal cream, which is considered suitable for body hair as well as face, so, you can trust this with your pubic hair as well. This comes in a pump bottle, which is pretty hygienic.

Ready Betty


This hair removal cream is a great option to remove pubic hair, provided that you get it in India. It comes with a bikini hair removal stencil kit, so, it should be easier to work with this one. In fact, if you are into pubic hair designs, you may find this one pretty amusing with its designer stencils.



Avon has launched this “skin so soft, fresh and smooth facial hair removal cream”, which is pretty much doing good. This cream is especially made for the face, so, it has to be a little gentler than the other options. You can definitely give this one, a try.

Points to Remember

None of the manufacturer says that the cream is safe for pubic hair. Betty Bare does claim for the bikini line wax, but, not for the pubes. So, it’s totally on your discretion whether you find it safe or not.

Finally, let me list the pros and cons of hair removal cream for pubic hair, so that, you can take a final call.



  • Easy to do. No professional skills required.
  • Quick and fast. Can be a last minute savior for a surprise date.
  • Cheaper than the other options.
  • Products can be easily found at departmental stores.
  • Safe from cuts and bruises that shaving may cause.
  • Keeps the hair from growing back for at least 4 to 5 days.


  • Can cause infection to those with sensitive skin.
  • Burns a lot, if it gets in touch with the membrane.
  • Consistent regular usage darkens the skin.
  • Hair starts growing in 4 to 5 days again, whereas, waxing eliminates them for 25 to 30 days easily.
  • May cause ingrown hair.
  • Doesn’t get hair from the root, so, they tend to become thicker.
  • Irritates the skin and makes it itchy for a while.
  • Too much chemical.
  • None of the manufacturers claim it to be safe for pubic hair.