9 Best Summer Dresses for Your Wardrobe

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With sun and clouds playing hide-n-seek, it’s time for you to pick up the coolest and the trendiest stuff from the market. For a girl like you, it is highly essential to stay chic and singular- be it a barbeque dinner, or a quixotic date over a lunch, with your beau. You should be always flooded with the variety of summer dresses that suits to each occasion and ceremony.  Summer dresses are meant to suit everyone because of the fresh and feminine manifestation.

Here, we are presenting and suggesting you the best nine summer dresses, to be stocked up in your wardrobe this season.

1. Knitted dresses

Knitted dresses are an impeccable example of classic yet subtle style. If you want to flaunt within the classic boundaries, then this two tone knitted dress, by Mango, will do justice to your attire.


2.  Checks

Checks are going to be the trend of the season. 60s inspired monochrome checks dress is a must to adorn you, with this ultra trendy dress by Burberry.


3. Cocoon Blouse

If you are a minimalist in fashion, then you can never go wrong with cool cocoon blouse by Donna Karan, over the skinny, ankle-length denim.


4. Floral Prints

Flower is going to be in power this season, with bold and bright floral prints. If you have a flamboyant personality, then this feminine and fresh print is made for you.


5.   Body-hugging Dresses

If you have a perfect hourglass body shape, and want to flaunt your figure, then this skinny and body-hugging sassy dress is made just for you. Grab it!


6. Go Sleeveless  

Sleeveless dresses are another trend that is going to rule the closets of fashionholic women. Are you the one, to own this classy piece by Balenciaga?


7.  Retro Look

If you adore those 70s retro prints and style, then stock-up your wardrobe with classic and chic maxi dresses, in bold and bright prints, as maxi dress is going to raise the temperature, being one of the hottest trend this season.


8. Peplum Style

Peplum has been used by designers everywhere, in their collection at various fashion weeks. Peplum dresses, whether printed or plain, are going to be head-turner across the streets, around the globe, as peplum defines the shape of your body perfectly.


9. Cool Stripes

Stripes are another trend that is worth buying and flaunting this season. Stripes, especially vertical ones, give you an enhanced height look. Stand taller with Stripes this season.


So, with these urbane and trendy dresses, get ready to be the head-turner of each occasion and gathering.  It is the time when the world should start noticing you, and admiring you for your style and sophistication. Stay chic as always.