Best Socks For Smelly and Sweaty Feet – User Review 2020

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Have you ever felt embarrassed in front of others due to the sweat and smell in your feet? This is only because your socks are unable to meet your expectations and the reason is you haven’t chosen the best dress socks for sweaty feet.

Sweat in the feet is normal and every other person has sweat while wearing shoes/socks. The problem is in the socks and the material from which socks are manufacturing which causes the smell in feet and made them stinky. In worst conditions, it may cause bacteria which might lead to fungus and other feet problems.

There are wide ranges of socks available in multiple materials. Sometimes, people get confuse about what should be an ideal sock for them to absorb sweat and resist smell in their feet. In such cases, socks manufacturing from synthetic and cotton material are not good at all for feet. As they create more sweat and remains wet for a long period of time.

That is why we have came up with top 6 best dress socks for sweaty feet to solve all your issues and problems regarding so

1. Serisimple – Man Fit Sock Cotton Stylish Fitness Designer

If you want to secure your feet from sweat you should not go for the ordinary cotton socks as there are other best material for socks which are more durable and more effective then cotton proves to be best dress socks for sweaty feet.

Bamboo fiber is effective in terms of comfort and durable than cotton, as well as far better odor-resistant than POLYESTER. These breathable socks for sweaty feet by Serisimple are manufacturing from 80% bamboo fiber which provides long-lasting protection from sweat in hot/humid environments.

The Bambo fiber incorporated in made them antibacterial, breathable, absorbent, durable, and deodorant to keep your feet cool.

The bamboo fiber has amazing antibacterial property which provides resistance to rood problems and the best socks for sweaty feet.

Don’t take a chance to get embarrassed in front of other or getting severe feet problems. Click on the Amazon button, Image, or the Name to make a direct purchase or see more product details.

2. Ecosox – Bamboo Half Cushion Crew Socks

Image result for Bamboo Premium Half Cushion Crew Socks for Work/Sport/Dress | Ultra-Dry | Odor & Blister Free | Large

Due to Ultra soft and highly renewable properties, ultimate comfort and buttery-feel make Ecosox best dress socks for sweaty feet. This bamboo socks are best moisture wicking socks and absorb 4X extra moisture compared to cotton socks.

The fibers obtained and used in Ecosox are purely Eco-friendly Bamboo which is best sock material for sweaty feet. These socks are made from combination of 22% Polyester, 1% Nylon, 3% Rubber, 22% Polyester, 1% Spandex, and excessive amount of 73% Viscose from Bamboo.

Available in Sizes 9-12 for Men and Sizes 10-13 for Women. Moreover, arch support provides superior protection from foot fatigue and perfect fit among best socks for men.

There are numerous benefits of bamboo fiber as compare to other fabrics and materials. So, if you also want to purchase these socks by Ecosox then click on Amazon button, Image or Name to make a direct purchase and see more details.

3. Bridgedale – Ultralight Coolmax Liner Socks

Bridgedale Ultralight liner socks are a fusion of 4 different materials which makes them best socks for sweaty feet. These socks made form a combination of 20% Nylon, 57% COOLMAX, 4% Lycra, and 19% Endurofil.

These materials play their part in keeping your feet sweat free and such socks that don’t make your feet sweat.

Coolmax liner is the best socks to keep feet cool and dry has a unique moisture management system that keeps your feet warm, comfortable, and dry by transferring moisture from skin to outer surface.

Bridgedale socks are soft, fine touch, wash resistance and provide extra hygiene, comfort, and durability. They easily fit in any kinds of boots and are great to wear for work boots, hiking and outdoor activities.

You can also improve your feet problems and overall hygiene by replacing these socks from your old and less durable socks. To get the fullest benefits out of these socks by Bridgedale, click on the Amazon button, Image or the Name to make a direct purchase.

4. Darn Tough-Hiker Merino Wool

Image result for Darn Tough Hiker Merino Wool Micro Crew Socks Cushion

If you seek a guarantee from items you buy, then this product is made for you as it comes with guarantee. It seems a bit unrealistic but the company claims unconditional Lifetime guarantee providing the best dress socks for sweaty feet.

Darn Tough are best socks to keep feet dry; made from 36% Nylon, 3% Lycra Spandex, and 61% Merino Wool.

Hikers are best socks for men, available in XX-Large 15-17, X-Large 12.5-14.5, Large 10-1, Medium 8-9.5, and Small 5.5-7.5 sizes.

These socks design in a way to deliver unsurpassed durability and exceptional performance fit aimed at providing superior comfort to users.                                                     

So if you want to experience substantial different in your daily foot wear and socks then don’t procrastinate and go on to buy a ne pair of these socks with exceptional features. click on the Amazon button, Image or the Name to make a direct purchase.

5. Wigwam At Work Durasole

Image result for Wigwam Men's At Work Double Duty 2-Pack Crew Length Work Sock

Wigwam socks are best socks for smelly feet as they infuse with antimicrobial treatment which slashes smell and other harmful bacteria on your feet. Crew Lenght work socks are made from combining multiple materials which resist foot sweat as well.

Some of most prominent features of these socks include Olefin reinforced foot bottom, toe, heel, elasticized mock rib stay-up top, and achilles cradle.

Wigwam socks are extremely comfortable due to fully cushion the foot and are perfect socks that keep your feet cool with great durability.

If you face bacterial issues or your ordinary socks get easily worn out then this Double Duty Crew Length Work Sock by Wigwam is an ideal product for you. You can also see further details and have a comparison of this product with other by clicking on the Amazon button, Image or the Name which will take you to the Amazon website.

6. Calvin Klein Men’s Combed Cotton Flat-Knit Crew

Image result for YOUNEEDTHAT 5-Pack Men's Classics Dress Flat Knit Crew Socks Multipacks

If you are looking for dress socks with sweat resistant properties, then these are best dress socks for sweaty feet. These flat knit socks are perfect for work, formal, and casual occasions with shoe size 6-12.

Youneedthat made socks form Combed cotton, a superior quality material obtained from removing shorter fibers resulting in only longer fibers. These are the best cotton socks for sweaty feet and Combed cotton proves to be best material for socks which is softer to skin and stronger than regular cotton.

Flat knit socks from Youneedthat are best socks for men due to fine rib structure and Non-constricting elastic for the perfect fit. They are manufacturing from 2% Polyurethane, 3% Nylon, 30% Polyester, and 65% Energizing Combed cotton; serve as best socks for sweaty feet in boots.

Customer Reviews

Large numbers of customers are satisfying with this product and give 4.8 out of 5 stars. Some of the consumers who used these socks by Youneedthat were extremely enjoying by the properties of combed cotton. They provided positive feedback about how much they are inclined to be a long term satisfied customer if this product.


So, hurry up and don’t waste time. Go grab your new pair of this fine rib, non-constricting combed cotton socks. You can also have a detailed comparison with numerous other brands before buying this product as well. Simply click on the Amazon button, Image or the name to go to the Amazon website.

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