Best Oral Sex Tips that Will Drive Your Man Crazy

Are you hungry for the taste of his lollipop? Yes, the salt coated lollypop that each man has between his legs. Hold on! Did I talk about salt coated lollypops?  Yes, I did! You must be wondering “Why did I jot down this word”? Am I prohibited to use the actual word in my article? Well, it’s nothing like that. The word penis doesn’t sound as appealing as the lollypop word.

The word “oral sex” is no more a taboo for women in sex. No matter, the man or woman is going down… the ultimate end is to make it feel pleasurable. But for all those women who know very little of it, here are some juicy tips that will make you to suck his salts, and sugar of his lollypop… in no time!

Go for Spreads


To look at a woman who licks his dick, coated with cream and honey, takes a man to sexual nirvana.  Drip it, smear it, or lick it off! Food is a pleasurable toy to rouse your man’s sex organs. So, give him all the whipped creams, berries, raspberries, peanut butter, and the chocolate sauce. Spread your favourites! Spare him if you are fond of spicy foods (especially chilli sauce).

On the Roads


Getting a blow job while driving on a highway is a typical male’s fantasy. Every male fantasise a red sedan, a blonde babe, and a lonely dark highway. Of course, don’t distract his mind from driving. The pleasure might end with a tragic point. Therefore, try a less appealing version of this act, unzip him, catch hold of him, and handle him with care! Don’t let him cross the attention position. When I say him, I hope you know what I mean?

Think it’s a Lollipop


Begin with it by bending on your knees. You need the direct entree to his testicles. Lift his dick  up, start by licking his balls from up to down. Run your tongue down the tiny ridge (the darker side) to his penis, until you complete ten rounds of it.

Cold and Hot Sex


Ahan! Here I am talking about temperature and sensations. Playing with temperature is indeed fun. Take a mouthful of hot lemon tea, swirl it in your mouth, and take your man’s penis in your mouth. Hold for 20 sec.! Now, swirl some cold water and repeat the same. He will feel fabulous.

Garb Him at Your Side


As he gets unclothed, lay down on the bed where you generally keep your feet. Tilt your head off the bed (in the hanging position). Hold his buttocks and grab his penis in your mouth. Lick him upside down. Your man will not only control the thrusting, but it will make him to give a sexy look.

The Right Lingerie


Giving him a blow job is not about your tongues and teeth only. To pleasure him more, dress sexier. Wear sexy strappy panties and push up bras, which would give him a better look of your pear shaped back and cleavage, while you bend to suck his penis.

Now, Some After Sex Talk


If you don’t wish to swallow his come in your mouth, why to waste the proteins and glucose ejaculated by your man? None of you would like to, I am sure! Massage your boobs with this protein shake, and discover firm and larger breasts in no time.

Well, there are lot many other points to pen down for an erotic oral sex, but I know the fact that women are well-sourced when it comes to sex! They keep a list of small things, but tend to forget to do some of the most pleasurable things when it comes to “fulfilling a man’s desire”.



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