Best Matt Lipstick Shades from 10 Best Brands to Wear This Summer

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Apart from diamonds, lipsticks are also a girl’s best friend. Which girl does not like to paint her lips and get the attention? If we talk about the lippies, there are a number of types – long wear, glossy, matte, and many more! But I have always been a fan of matte lippies. They are simply perfect at the college, office, matinee, lunch or a friend’s birthday. They are extremely subtle yet catchy. Another benefit, matte lipsticks stay long unlike the glossy ones that smudge easily. And why boys would love it? They will love coz it is less transferable.

1. MAC Summer 2013 Lipstick Shades


The shades are:

  • Embrace me: fuchsia pink
  • Heroine: violet purple
  • Silly: baby pink
  • Ablaze: bold apricot

The collection is stunning! Vibrant and bright for the summer!  Each lip pencil is smooth and glides easily while applying. However, you may feel the lip colour dries after sometime; hence apply a lip balm before the duration of 5 min, to avoid dryness.

Price: Rs. 990

I would rate 9.5 / 10 for its quality.

2. Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipsticks


The shades are:


Amongst all the shades, my favourite is obsessed orange. If you heart orange, wear this with confidence. The texture glides easily, and its non- drying formula makes it a must buy. It is creamy and settles down smoothly over the lips. A must try for all the gals and ladies, who are a fan of bright shades.


I would rate 9/10.

Price: Rs 250

3. Lakme Enrich Satin Shades


Pump up your vanity kit with new 26 Enrich Satin Lip colours. The new shades are gorgeous and bright! The range has something in its kitty, for every woman. They can be put in any occasion. We have the shades for all of you, from college going girls to mommies.


My personal favourite amongst all is Fuchsia 149. It is bright and peppy! As the name suggests, “Enrich Satin” so is its application.


I would rate 8/10.

Price: Rs 225

4. Revlon Matte Lipsticks

Attention beauties! If you love Matte look, then we have found your true soul mate. You will love the shades. The lip shades blend easily and moisturise lips at once! The colour lasts for 5-6 hours. If you are a PINK fan, we have the following for you:


The shades are (from left to right):

  • Pink pout
  • Sky pink
  • Smoked peach
  • Mauve it over
  • Stormy pink
  • Pink about it

I would rate 9.5 /10

Price: Rs 480-600

5. Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hour lipstick


The shades are:

  • Endless raisin
  • Keep me coral
  • Please stay plum
  • Pout on pink

14 hour stay! Is not that too long? The range promises 14 hr stay. If you are not fond of vibrant colours, we have these subtle colours to put on. The lip colour gives you a flake-free texture. The colour glides easily with a satin finish.

And if you are a fan of dazzling and intense colours, we have them from Maybelline NY Color Sensational Vivid lip Color:

Check out 8 vibrant shades:


The shades are:


I would rate them 10/10.

Price: Rs. 525 and 300 respectively

6. Lotus Herb


‘Pure colours’ is an exciting range that consists of 12 shades of browns and pink. They are herbal extracts of aloe Vera and Jojoba oil. The lipstick has a silky texture with a rich payoff! The packing is impressive. The texture is not exactly matte; it is between matte and glossy! The colour lasts for 3-4 hours.

Amongst the entire shades, my personal favourite is Carnation 640.


It is a peach and orange combination, which is suitable for every occasion.


I would rate 7/10.

Price: Rs. 225

7. Loreal Paris Color Riche Lip Shades


Pump up with colours of real luxury. The range ‘Color Riche’ is rich, creamy, and moisturising than before. The lippie has a long staying power. When you look at it first, you would think it is glossy, but the gloss disappears after you wear the lipstick. Just two coats of lipstick and you are done!

Here, is the new range introduced by L’Oreal Riche:

  • Tender pink
  • Saucy mauve
  • Mulberry
  • Spiced cedar
  • Divine west
  • Cinnamon toast
  • Natures blush



And if you are a fan of bright shades:


I would rate 9/10.

Price: Rs. 750-825

8. NYX Matte Lipsticks

NYX Matte Lippies are richly pigmented and formulated lipsticks. They glide smoothly over your lips and give a matte finish as they envelop lips. NYX Matte Lipstick shades are available in 22 different shades. From blood red to nude, we have them all for you.

Check out the shades:


Also, we have some brighter shades:


I would rate 9/10.

Price: Rs. 1000 above

9. Faces Satin Matte Lipstick


We are super impressed with the creamy texture of the product. It is very much similar to MAC. Be careful when you apply the colour, the texture is extra creamy and smooth. The packaging is not very fancy, but the quality is worth it. Its non drying formula makes it a must pick!

Range introduced by FACES Satin Matte


These two shades are my favourite amongst the series:

  • Magenta
  • Jazz berry jam


I would rate 8.5/10.

Price: Rs.399

10. Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick


If you are more a lip person than an eye person, then it is worth spending on ‘Chambor Matte Powder Lipstick’. The brand has 25 new shades in matte. From bright reds to rosy pink, this range has it all! And, if you are a brown addict, you have loads of coffees and chocolates here.

Check out the few shades:

  • Rose fantasise
  • Fronce rose
  • Pink devil
  • Coral reef
  • Dusky earth
  • Tender chestnut

Amongst all, dusky earth is my favourite.


It is chambor, so I need not boast about its quality.

I would rate 10/10.

Price: Rs. 415 above

Happy colouring gals!