“Beauty without Brains”

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We seriously do not know what has gone wrong with beauty pageants, these days. Perhaps, there is something wrong with the contestants. Poise, elegance, confidence, and crispy ways of answering have become a remote thing. Recently, something funny and shocking happened at one of the best national beauty pageants – Miss USA 2013, and that too when United States of America is an English dominating country.


21 year old Marissa Powell, who was powering her way into the competition, by making it to the top 5 of the pageant, she could have ended up as the eventual winner, only if she had not given a jumbled and grammatically incorrect answer, for the question being asked to her. She was asked by a judge, “A recent report in a survey shows that in 40 percent of the American families, women are the primary source of income, yet women earn less than men in America. What does this say about the society?”

Powell came up with one of the most incoherent answers in the history of Miss USA. Her answer went like this, “I think we can re……relate this back to education and how we are……continuing to strive to……. (Smiles)………figure out how to create jobs, right now. That is the biggest problem in…… I think, especially, the men, are um………..are seen as the leader of this, and so we need to try to figure out how to……create education better so that we can solve this problem.”


We think, now-a-days, contestants work only on their bodies and appearance, and give no time to diction, poise, and eloquence, which matter the most in the pageants like Miss USA, where the tag line “beauty with brains” is strongly glued. Surprisingly, despite this awful answer, Miss Utah ended up as 3rd runner-up, at the pageant. Essentially, we got to ask one question: “Were judges also without brains while giving this decision?”