Beauties who Deserved it but Missed the Coveted Crown of Miss Universe

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Miss Universe organization is one of the biggest and coveted beauty pageants of the world. It has been known to produce the stunning and capable winners year after year, from Sushmita Sen to Amelia Vega, and Jennifer Hawkins to Dayana Mendoza. Each year the organization invests a whopping sum of money, to organize the pageant at the stunning locations around the globe. Even the judges are called from different corners of the world, to elect the most eligible contestant to wear the tiara. But, even the most experienced and skilful persons’ eyes can go by without noticing some deserving contestants, as it has happened  quite a lot of times at the stage of Miss Universe.

Today, we are revealing the names of countries and their contestants, who deserved to be in the finals, but they failed to make it to the top 10 or top 15 because they might be unlooked by the jury and hence, missed the cut.

Miss Universe 2000-

Winner: Miss India, Lara Dutta

Wasted beauty:  Miss Philippines, Nina Ricci Caldo Alagao



This beauty oozed out a lot of confidence. She had a lot of potential, and it reflected clearly when she gave her shot in the presentation show. She was so articulate in her interview round that if she would have given a chance to enter the top 5, she would have given a strong fight to Miss India, Lara Dutta.

Possible Reasons for Her Fall out: Her hair do was a total mess and surely not an acceptable one for a pageant like Miss Universe. Moreover, her evening gown was a little ill-fitted, which could have a strong reason for her fall out at the pageant.

Miss Universe 2001-

Winner: Miss Puerto Rico, Denise Quinones August

Wasted Beauty:  Miss Colombia, Andrea Maria Nocetti Gomez



Andrea had one of the best bodies in the whole batch of Miss Universe 2001. She stole the presentation show with her sassy figure in the swimsuit competition. One of the strong and possible reasons of her defeat at the pageant was her depressing and monotonous answer. In fact she lacked the confidence in her interview round, which barred her from making the cut into the finals of MU 2001.

Miss Universe 2002-

Winner: Miss Panama, Justine Pasek

Wasted Beauty: Miss Turkey, Cagla Kubat


During the announcement of the top 10, when Miss Turkey’s name was not announced, many people around the globe were shocked and disappointed. She was one heck of a lovely goddess of beauty that deserved to be in the finals.

Possible reasons for her fall-out: No reasons

Miss Universe 2003-

Winner: Miss Dominican Republic, Amelia Vega

Wasted Beauty:  Miss Australia, Ashley Talbot


From head to toe, she has one thing to ooze- appeal, appeal and appeal. Ashley looked exquisite and bubbly when she walked the ramp of Miss Universe 2003 Presentation Show. If only she would have given a chance to enter the top 15, she would have nailed the finale for sure.

Miss Universe 2004-

Winner: Miss Australia, Jennifer Hawkins

Wasted Beauty: Miss USA, Shandi Finnessey



Ah! Now this is what we call the complete package. Shandi missed the title by just an inch. Everybody was expecting Shandi to be crowned as the new Miss Universe, but judges overlooked her and declared Australia as the eventual winner. Shandi did spicily well at both the swimsuit and evening gown round, and she gave an outstandingly confident and précised answer, and perhaps better than that of Miss Australia. But, why she missed the crown, we still do not understand.

Miss Universe 2005-

Winner: Miss Canada, Natalie Glebova

Wasted Beauty: Miss Aruba, Luisana Cicilia



Now, this dark beauty with sharp features had it all to clinch the crown, but to our own surprise, she did not even make it to the top 15. It was only in 1999, last time when a black beauty from Botswana won the prestigious title. And when we spotted Luisana during pre pageant activities and presentation show, we kind of developed a feeling that she is going to clinch the show with everything. Truly a black beauty wasted at Miss Universe 2005.

Miss Universe 2006-

Winner: Miss Puerto Rico, Zuleyka Rivera

Wasted Beauty: Miss Australia, Erin McNaught



This 24 year old beauty (at the time of MU 2006) rocked the presentation show in both swimsuit and evening gown, but she was quite depressing in evening gown with the hideous gown that she wore. Moreover, she even stole the interview round with one of the best interviews. Actually, her interview was very friendly and clear. Judges might have gone blind, for sure, while picking up the top 20 contestants.

Miss Universe 2007-

Winner: Miss Japan, Riyo Mori

Wasted Beauty:  Miss South-Africa, Megan Coleman


Isn’t this girl reminding us of Miss USA 2004 and 1ST Runner up at MU2004 – Shandi Finnessey? And imagine how things get changed? A girl who looks similar to her, got placed as the 1st runner-up, but this girl didn’t even make it to the top 15. And according to us, she had what it takes to steal the competition and win the crown. Isn’t she looking mesmerizing?

Miss Universe 2008-

Winner: Miss Venezuela, Dayana Mendoza

Wasted Beauty: Miss India, Simran Kaur Mundi


Now, anyone can come up with one good reason on why did she miss the crown? We actually doubt the Miss Universe criteria of judging girls. Simran Kaur, from India, stood amongst top 5 in each and every pre pageant competition, and even then, she could not crack into the finals. She did a terrific swimsuit performance but failed to play well with her gown. Her gown was quite hideous from the up-side while very sassy from skirt area. She could have flaunted her legs with that slit in her gown.

Miss Universe 2009-

Winner: Miss Venezuela, Stefania Fernandez

Wasted Beauty: Miss Dominican Republic, Ada de la Cruz


Fierce beauty, hour glass shape, sharp features are some of the physical qualities that Miss Dominican Republic possessed at MU2009. She did awesomely well in the interview as well. And honestly, Ada de was in a way better than Stefania. But why judges made Ada de a runner-up, we still cannot figure out.

Miss Universe 2010-

Winner: Miss Mexico, Ximena Navarrete

Wasted Beauty: Jamaica, Yendi Phillips


As you can see from her picture, the level of appeal, confidence, and the grace she has. Yendi had what it takes to be the winner of the contest for respective year. Nevertheless, she bagged the title of 1st runner up if not the final winner. But we must admit that this girl got better admiration at Miss Universe than Miss World, where she was only amongst top 16 semi finalists.

So, these were stunning, gorgeous, and exceptionally beautiful ladies who missed the crown, some by just an inch while some did not even make it to the semi-finals even. All we can say is, is it destiny or judges overlooked such sheer beauties?