Be the Benefactor of Office Politics

Accept it or not, political environment prevails in every organization. Politics is a result of conflicts of interests and differences in opinion. It’s a struggle for power. But, you don’t have to be scared of it. In fact, rise above the politics to fight against it. To emerge as a top performer at the workplace, you need to master the art of wining the politics of your office. Since, it’s an inevitable part of corporate life, it’s good if you know what it is, what it includes, how it is played and won.

No organization is immune to politics. Experts suggest that in order to cultivate good working relationships, get ahead or get things done; one should consciously and actively participate in office politics.

Here are the important tips to help you:

Re-drawing the Organizational Chart

Politics in office revolves around the formal organization chart. So, what you have to do is to watch carefully for a while and then re-design the chart of organization in terms of political power.

  • Identify real influencers of the office.
  • Know who got the authority but doesn’t execute it.
  •  Recognize the one who mentors or champions others.
  • Identify the real working brains of the organization.
  • Know who is respected in the organization.

Understanding the Informal Network

Once you are done with knowing who’s who in terms of power in the organization, you get an idea where the influence and power lie. After it, you need to comprehend the social network.

  • Know the flow of influence between the parties.
  • Know who got inter-personal conflicts.
  • Know who goes well along with whom.
  •  Understand the basis for inter-relationship, whether it is respect, friendship or manipulation.
  • Know who faces trouble in getting along with whom.

Building Relationships

Next, very important thing is to establish own social-network accordingly.

  • Build relations who got informal power.
  • Don’t be frightened of politically powered people. Try to know them.
  • Develop healthy relationships with personnel of every hierarchical level- executives, bosses and peers.
  • Be a member of multiple networks- it helps to get the grasp on the nerve of the organization.
  • Maintain friendly attitude towards everyone; don’t get aligned to any one person or group.
  • Build relationships based on the foundation of respect and truth. Avoid empty adulations.

If you will look at the bigger picture of office politics, you will find that it ensures the SUCCESS.