Be likeable at the interview

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You and your friend possess the similar qualifications and skills. But, when a company arrives for a campus placement in your college, it selects your friend, not you. Why? I discussed the situation with one of my friend, who is a recruitment manager. She told me that “likeability factor” works, when it comes to choose one candidate out of two, possessing similar experience, skills and qualifications. What is likeability factor? Confused? Okay…! I will tell you!

Likeability factor means how you hook up to the interviewer. After all, interview is all about a personal interaction between you and the employer. Follow the given below tips and become likeable!

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  • Be on time! Remember, there is no excuse for late arrival.
  • Late arrival leaves bad impression.
  • Try to get there 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment time and refresh yourself.
  • If you reach in hasten, you might seem sweaty, nervous and weary. Possibly, you may forget to bring your important documents, in hurry.

Meet and Greet

  • Enter into the interview room with a smile on your face and demonstrate your positive attitude. It reveals that you are pleased to be there!
  • Offer a handshake.
  • Don’t sit until the interviewer asks you to do so.
  • Furnish all the indispensable information in the application form, completely and precisely.
  • “Switch-off” your cell phones.
  • While addressing the interviewer, be courteous! Address them as “Sir” or “Ma’am”. You can also refer to by their surname (like Mrs. YYY or Mr. ZZZ). Avoid using yaar, dude, girl, etc.

Don’t be Ambiguous

  • Don’t swerve from the question.
  • Give ‘to the point’ answers of the questions. Avoid molding the answers.
  • Don’t bicker with the interviewer.
  • Put forward your perspectives in a professional manner.

Eye Contact

  • Your eyes expose your confidence level.
  • While answering, don’t look here and there. Make proper eye contact with the interviewer.
  • If there is more than one interviewer, don’t look at one. Make eye contact with all the members of the panel, for few seconds.
  • Don’t gaze continuously. Blink your eyes in between the conversation.

Demonstrate Passion

  • Remember, the interviewer don’t know your fanaticism for the job. You ought to reveal it.
  • Infatuation and eagerness, to grab this golden opportunity, should be divulged from your body language and gestures.
  • Don’t take the interview offhandedly. Exhibit vehemence in your accent.
  • Demonstrate that you really want to work for the achievement of the organizational goals and not merely for your personal purpose.
  • Instead of speaking about the list of responsibilities and duties that you had performed in the previous job, single out those job achievements that best fits with the designation, for which you are facing the interview.

Build Reliance

  • Your voice and eyes depict whether you are lying or speaking truth. So, utter whatever the reality is!
  • Don’t try to conceal that you are unknown to the specific subject, you are asked about.
  • Accept your unknowingness, honestly. Request the interviewer to focus light on the subject matter. You can put forward your opinions, after comprehending it. This will show your interest and craze to learn about it.
  • Don’t endow forge documents.


WOW! Interview is completed!! Wait…..still something is remaining to do. What…??? Guys! Don’t forget to follow up your prospective employer after the interview.

  • After completion of the interview, write a ‘thank-you’ note to all the panel members engaged in the process.
  • Keep thanks note short and simple. E-mail the note within 2 working days.
  • Let the interviewer know that you are looking forward to hear from her/him shortly.
  • If you were referred by your friends to the company, keep them informed about the interview.

Follow these suggestions next time, when you go for the interview or any company visit your campus for the recruitment. I am sure; you will get thumbs up from the interviewer.

All the best!