Basic Necessities to Save From Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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This article has every perspective you may need! The newest Coronavirus has spread exponentially, officially known as COVID-19 (formerly, 2019-nCoV ARD). Coronaviruses are a family of viruses find to contain strains that can potentially cause deadly diseases in mammals and birds. In humans, they are typically growing by airborne droplets of fluid produced by infected individuals.

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The stuff you have to defend yourself from Coronavirus are things you should be doing every day.

Basic Necessities to Save From Coronavirus

Did you find about the deadly Coronavirus and are afraid you are going to contract it?

Coronavirus is a deadly disease that is spread all over the world very fastly. It is originated from the city of China (Wuhan), the newest Coronavirus has spread to over 55 nations and sickened 83,000+ people. Coronavirus is the family of viruses that are found in mammals and birds and can cause deadly diseases. It is essential to save yourself from Coronavirus and to prevent yourself; it is essential to take precautions. The Coronavirus continuously spread in the world, the confirmed cases was 200,000 and at least 8,000 dead. Avoid traveling because this is the reason for spreading of the virus

As you knew, Coronavirus is a deadly disease, and there is no current vaccine to prevent Coronavirus. The virus is spread from person-to-person, Coronavirus is spread between the people that closely contract with each other. The droplets land into the mouth and noses of the people and inhaled into the lungs. The person is survived from Coronavirus is placed under isolation for 15 days. Take precautions properly to prevent yourself from Coronavirus.

Steps to Prevent Yourself From Coronavirus:

1.  Wash your hands

Before eating something, wash your hand with soap or water. After sneezing or coughing, it is essential to wash your hands 20 seconds. Use sanitizer if your outside from home and soap or water is not available. Don’t shake hands with someone and use gloves. Don’t touch your eyes, mouth, and nose with unwashed or dirty hands. Maintain your hygiene to protect yourself from this deadly disease. Clean the surfaces that are profoundly touching in the home.

  • Wet clean water to your hands

It does not matter whether water is hot or cold used it whatever is convenient for you

  • Wrap soap on your side

Use the soap to clean your hand. Rub your hand to lather the soap together, then turns off the tap to save water,

  • Use the soap properly spread the lather into your fingertips and the back of your hands 

Rinse your hands with clean water. Use a clean towel to dry your hand and after this using alcohol-based sanitizer

2.  Wearing Masks

Wearing a mask is very important to prevent others and yourself. If you are not suffering from Coronavirus, then there is not essential to wear face mask unless if you are caring for someone that is suffering from Coronavirus. If u are a risk, then wear a mask to protect others because when u sneeze the droplets cannot pass out from the mask.

3.  Stay home if you are sick

People who are suffering from Coronavirus can recover at home. Consult with medical care and don’t visit different places and stay at home. Take precautions properly and use a mask.

4.  Stay in touch with your doctors:

Stay in touch with your doctor if u feel worse. Consult with your doctor before get medical care. If u develop a fever and symptoms then call medical care for advice. Cover your mouth or nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze and throw out the tissue that is used in the bin. Then immediately wash your hand with soap or water.

5.  Follow local public health guideline  

In March 2020, different cities and states have issued their protective guidance to slow down the spread of Coronavirus. All the Government and private institutes became closed, and youth sports programs and other activities have been postponed. Restaurants, shopping malls, bars, and clothing stores are closed at 10 pm. IF your country issued guidelines then everyone should follow them for the best o your ability.

6.  Boost Your Immune System:

To protect yourself from the Coronavirus, you need to strengthen your immune system. It works to maintain your diet take sleep properly, and avoid junk food to make your immune system.

7.  Try to Stay Calm

You should take care of your mental health, and this also affects your immune system. Don’t take stress on your mind, think positive, and avoid thinking about COVID-19.

What Are The Symptoms Of The Coronavirus?

According to research, there are several symptoms of Coronavirus. The symptoms of Coronavirus depends on the type of Coronavirus. The most common symptom of Covid-19 is fever, tiredness, dry cough and diarrhea. About 80% of people suffer from Coronavirus is quickly recover without needing any special treatment. If u have a mild upper respiratory infection like the common cold then the symptoms are:

  • Runny nose
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Fever

It is the symptoms when the patient is at a mild stage of (COVID-19). Overall, Coronavirus can cause severe symptoms. If you don’t consider your symptoms and don’t take care, you then the infection can turn into bronchitis, and pneumonia, causing symptoms as:

  • Flu,
  • Cough with mucus
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain or tightness as you breathe, weakened immune systems are more common in the people.

In many cases, antibiotics are not working, because there is no vaccine of Coronavirus. The antiviral drugs that are used against the flu don’t work. Some people immune system is secure. So, they recover earlier and compare to other people that’s immune system is not stable too much. The recovery of corona patients depends upon immune system strength. The flu viruses and COVID can cause respiratory disease.

Symptoms In Chinese cases

In most cases, the flu symptoms are severe like fever, cough sore, throat, muscle aches, vomiting, and diarrhea. Some instances, a patient of flu may recover within two weeks, but some flu patient causes complication because they also suffer from pneumonia. In China between Dec.31, 09 and feb.11, 2020 44,672 cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed, of those cases, 80.9% (or 36,160) cases were mild, 13.8% were considered extreme, and 4.7% were severe. In most severe cases, people showing respiratory failure. There are many respiratory viruses, and it is difficult to distinguish the infections on the base of the symptoms.

New Coronavirus had an R0 value of 2.2, indicating that each infected person spread the virus to an average of 2.2 individuals. It is important to note that Ro is a constant number automatically.

Corona Virus and Flu

New Coronavirus originated from china and spread throughout the world, China updating almost all the number of people that are affected and died from this virus. At the same time in Australia, the flu season is starting and then provided the vaccines of the flu

Coronavirus is a virus that affects directly on your repertory system. Mostly flu patients recover, and 1% of the patient can be in severe condition or hospitalized. As a survey, 14% of patients were in critical condition. Coronavirus symptoms and flu symptoms have many similarities.

Around 5 percent of cases record a sore throat and runny nose while a small percentage experienced diarrhea and this clarified the symptoms of coronavirus

How Do I Avoid Contracting It?

Stay at home

Stay at home and don’t meet other peoples. Avoid close contact with other people if Covid-19 is spreading in your community. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Clean the daily objects that you have touch in a house. Check the medicine box in your house to ensure that you have essential medicines such as aspirin or ibuprofen. Don’t go to school and collages stay at your home; this is the best way to contracting it.

The CDC suggests that older adults and those with chronic medical conditions should be considered postponing nonessential travel. Travel should avoid contact with sick people and clean their hands often by washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or using an alcohol-based sanitizer.

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Avoid Unnecessary Travel

When you travel, consider your health insurance to see if it includes international travel coverage the CDC recommends. Mostly this happens in that area nowadays who did not go to an affected location and have no close link to other confirmed cases. Avoid sitting in a gathering, social meetings, and parties to protect yourself from this virus. Spreading of Coronavirus between traveling, when the carrier can sneeze or squeeze, then the droplets could pass between passengers via surfaces like airplane seats and armrests. All over the world, the survey says that 52.9% of open offices play a role in the spreading of Coronavirus. There are some places, such as purify your workplace, wash your hand in offices if water or soap available otherwise, use sanitizer, which can help you from preventing yourself from contracting the newly Coronavirus.

After shared office things like coffee, tea, pen, landlines as well as touching doors handle this, causing germs to use sanitizer strictly to avoid contracting it. Avoid touching the surfaces by hand if the best way to contract it

Make a Social Distance in the Workplace

When you are at your workplace, and you are stand within six feet of anyone for more than two or above then two minutes, the person that stands with you is showing symptoms; then, you are at risk. Stop contracting close to each other.

According to the survey in 2015, people touch their face average in 24 hours again and again. However, avoid touching your face, mouth, eyes, and nose, this was the best way to prevent contracting it

Most people have habits like biting their nails or rubbing the eyes can put you close the Coronavirus, and you are at the risk

It is essential to avoid or limit physical contact with another person as soon as possible. To avoid handshake is a tough thing because it’s so instilled in our culture. I think people feel so awkward if someone extends their hand towards for handshake, and you cant. It’s a mentality of people in our society we need to change this.

The CDC currently suggests that sick employees stay at home and do the work from home; it is also recommended for healthy employees to considered working properly. If you are sick, then don’t come into the offices at any cost. It is the best way to avoid contracting with the Coronavirus.

All of us needed to keep ourselves calm and take it seriously; don’t ignore it and take precautions. Don’t take anxiety or stress; it became weekend your immune system, and this is too risky. Do you all work smartly and avoid panicking.

How Does It Spread?

The disease spread person to person through the respiratory droplets. The person who is affected by the disease squeeze or sneeze the droplets release, and through nose and mouth, it inhaled into the lungs and other parts of the body. It becomes weeks the immune system, don’t closely contact with each other

A person may be touching a surface, and the surface has the virus, and suddenly he touches to their mouth or nose due to touch that surface a person gets a virus, but this is not the primary way through which the virus spreads. Most of the time, coronavirus is developed from animals and infects individuals and spread among peoples the infection can cause pneumonia. The confirmed cases that have been reported now of Coronavirus is suffering from cough, fever, and face difficulty in breathing. In severe cases, the organs of the body stop working. Antibiotics are not used in the cure of this viral pneumonia. Antiviral drugs have been used for the treatment of flu, but also, it doesn’t work.

As above, you knew that the recovery of the patient depends on the strength of the immune system.

Many people who were died already have poor health. They are the two main types of Coronavirus out of seven, SARS and MERS that infect humans and cause severe pneumonia. It may cause death in more than 30% of cases. The other symptoms, like the common cold, are milder.

At last, we know that Covid-19 can cause pneumonia and cause the death of the person. Some of the evidence comes from china Disease Control Center on February 16, which looks at the findings of the first 72,314 patients that are affected by Cvoid-19. The researchers declared that there was a massive variation of this disease as per age in humans

There is no vaccine of Coronavirus; this was a deadly disease that spread all over the world. Some countries have been hit by this virus. More than 5,700 people globally have been died due to this virus.

According to scientist cough and sneezes travel several feet, and the germs stay in the air up to 10 minutes this virus comes from lower mortality rate and vice versa .many countries have issued that when you come from china then isolate yourself for 14 days

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Asymptomatic transmission

Asymptomatic carriers of the virus are people in which there are no symptoms of Coronavirus, but they have the virus and can grow it to the others. This does not confirm that how much it is common, but it’s known as a new viral Coronavirus. It is dangerous than normal Coronavirus because in this condition patient doesn’t show any kind of sign

The symptoms of Coronavirus appear correctly after 14 days, and in most cases, the patient is in severe condition because there is no vaccine of Coronavirus.

Instead of the result is that if it occurs, then they have no public health care center; it means that no one can confirm the virus in the people, and that was risky. It was growing vigorously due to this because they cannot know they were ill or not.

What Should I Do If I Think I May Have It?

As a citizen, you have some social responsibilities towards societies. If you are not able to do something for yourself, then no one can do anything g for you.

Take care of yourself and isolate yourself for fourteen days if you feel any symptoms related to coronaviruses like fever or a new type of coughing

Steps To Be Taken in Isolation

  • Stay at your home for 7 days; after 7 days, if you are feeling well and you do not have a high fever, then you can go outside, but if still, you have high temperature stay at home for more days until your temperature is gone.
  • When you stay at home, make sure that wash your hand with water, soap, and hand washes for the 20 seconds if you do not have the availability of hand wash use gel or liquid sanitizer.
  • Use your elbow instead of hands while coughing or sneezing.
  • Try to bin your used tissues by yourself, and after that, wash your hand carefully.
  • Avoid doing handshakes

More steps

  • You have to stay 2 meters away from others
  • Avoiding going to school, offices and public places
  • Not using public transport buses, taxis, etc.
  • Stay at your home, not going out for buying food or collect medicines, make orders online, and ask someone to drop that at your doorstep.
  • If you live with that person who has the symptom of the coronavirus, then be care full a send home an isolation note.
  • Either you are living with 70 years old person that have the symptoms of coronavirus you should need to stay away 2 meters from their self-avoid sharing kitchen with them, and avoid sharing a bed, hand towel, and tea towels, etc.
  • OR you need any type of medical help, just go towards hospital and pharmacy, if it is not an emergency, go online help. In an emergency, call 999 and tell call receiver you have a coronavirus. You cannot handle the symptoms alone at home; otherwise, your condition can be worse.

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Steps That Must Taken

  • You have to stay hydrated drink a lot of water that your pee is clear. Take paracetamol to help relieve symptoms.
  • Keep in touch with your family and friends through social media that can help alleviate your stress, and you will not feel lonely.
  • Keep yourself busy in watching films reading, and online learning.
  • Try to do light exercise if you feel well.
  • Do not share your laundry with a healthy person that can spread the virus from one person to another.

What other Precaution should I Take?

The CDC has advised that don’t go to China or other cities where Coronavirus exists. China has already banned going to the city of Wuhan. The CDC has suggested that if you are visit china, then first consult with the doctor and discuss it that you have come from China. Take precautions, and don’t go outside of the home. If your flying somewhere, avoid food maintain your hygiene.

The outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus, which rapidly became an epidemic and prompted significant trade shows to be canceled, has sent people trying to find out how to protect ourselves from catching it, including getting as many face masks as possible. There’s no vaccine yet, but the first line of defense is to obey regular hygiene procedures, the most relevant of which is your face wash. The Coronavirus is spreading via respiratory system’s water, for instance, when someone sneezes or coughs around you. It covers the influenza viruses as well as common cold viruses. The stuff you need to protect yourself from Coronavirus is stuff you should be doing every day. Adequate personal hygiene habits are the first thing you can do to avoid any respiratory illness.

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This article is based on research and analysis of experts, searching for and acting on accurate knowledge is essential when thinking about a new infectious disease about which so much is still unknown. Be wary of the implausible conspiracy theories or “fake news” comments refuting the advice of public health officials.

Addressing the issues surrounding 2019-nCoV needs information that is accessible, reliable, and frequently updated; the best we can do is look at the experts whose role is to protect public health. We can stay away from this epidemic disease only when we isolated ourselves in our homes and show our positive social behavior to others. The self-isolation is the only way to keep yourself away from this disease. Take is situation seriously and follows the above mention precautions.