15 Ravishing Balayage Hairstyles for Long Hair

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The balayage long hairstyle has been making its name for some time, however, this impeccable procedure is crawling its way over into being a standout amongst the most well-known hair shading demands in today’s hair salons. Women who have super dark hair, manage to carry balayage for almost a year!

Women love to lighten their hair colors in summers, and so you must know that balayage is an ideal procedure to achieve a natural sun-kissed effect on long hair. The art of hair is balayage. The word balayage actually originates from the French language, where it means to paint or to streak. If you notice the way it’s done, you see that it’s done with a free hand.

The most promising feature of a balayage treatment is that there is an almost zero chance of hair regrowth visibility, while the shimmering soft look stays there for a long time. The procedure utilizes blotches of light and the dye to make various dimensions of the shade on beautiful long hair. When the colors like red or purple seem too bold for your long hair, or you just don’t want to go for a full-color change yet, balayage serves you best.


How to Do Balayage Step by Step

how to do balayage on long hair

It’s best to get the balayage on long hair done by a professional. But just in case you’re in a daring mood and want to take the things in your own hand, here’s how you’d want to go about it:

  1. Choose the shade you wish to apply. (Tip: select a shade that is ONLY 3 tones lighter than your current hair color)
  2. Comb your hair throughout and make four sections. It’s easier this way when you’re working on choppy long layered hair, one section at one time.
  3. Apply Vaseline on the forehead and your ears. This way the hair color won’t stain your skin.
  4. Now prepare the hair dye and start applying the color only to the areas that you want to be lightened, and the lengths of your hair. Remember, avoid reaching for the roots in any case. Take your time, don’t rush it, one section at a time.
  5. If you want the most natural and blended balayage, put on gloves and color your hair with your hands. Don’t put too much force, let your hand be free and apply soft strokes in a downward direction.


Watch the Following Video on How to Balayage Hair

Alluring Red Hairstyles with Blonde Highlights


Pros and Cons of Balayage on Long Hair

pros and cons of balayage long hair

The benefits of long balayage hair are more convincing than its cons.


  1. The long fine hair appears fuller and voluminous, the balayage effect creates a striking illusion for the eyes.
  2. Have you ever observed your natural hair color in sunlight? There’s a beguiling mix of lowlights and highlights. Balayage does the same for your hair, in a more artistic away.
  3. The idea of full hair coloring now seems odd to a lot of young women, since they eye for a low-maintenance hairstyle. Here’s when balayage attracts them the most. In balayage, the hair color is applied along the face line, and the topmost area keeping in mind that minimal recreation is required.

Gorgeous Asian Hairstyles with Highlights



  1. After you’ve colored your hair, they’re at risk of dryness. It takes money and time to keep your long hair nourished all the time, or the hair will lose their beauty. To maintain your hair, take hydrating treatments for your hair at least once a week, and before styling them with heat irons, always oil the damp ends or use a nourishing serum.
  2. Balayage looks hot and clearly noticeable only when it’s textured. You’d have to spend a good chunk of your time to style your long hair; curl or wave them.


Best Long Hairstyles with Balayage

Styling long hair is not easy. How many times will you get a haircut, tie a knot or wear them down? So, if you’re searching for a flawless hairdo to give you a totally new look you are in the opportune spot ladies! The following is a gathering of 15 staggering balayage long hairstyles to bring the best of any lady with any hair type. No matter if your hair is a tangled labyrinth or lush twists and delicate rings, as far as they’re lengthy, you’ll find something for yourself.

1. Bright Gold Balayage

bright gold balayage on long hair

The hot gold balayage looks amazing with those long hefty curls. It’s a perfect look for a celebration or a party.


2. Ashy Chest Brown with Loosely Curled Ends

balayage long hairstyles

Here is an irresistible filthy balayage long hair look. The subtle chest brown balayage makes the complete look messy but magnificently shiny!


3. Wavy Honey Blonde Hair Balayage

honey blonde balayage long hair

Heat calls for bright and light colors. This color is just the oomph touch you’d want to give your long hair this summer. Honey blonde balayage usually lasts for at least six months.


4. Shiny Caramel Blonde Hair

balayage hair color on long hair

If you get the waves right, this dynamic caramel brown balayage long hairdo could be everything a woman would ever want. Such an effortlessly burnished hairstyle looks too good to be real!


5. Simple Brown Balayage

long brown balayage hair

Quite often women refrain from getting a balayage done on their long hair because they’re afraid it won’t look good on them. Well, if that’s your concern then you can simply opt for a basic plum brown hair balayage and see the sparkle for yourself.


6. Glossy Vanilla Blonde Balayage

By now you may have had dyed or highlighted your hair blonde several times. It’s time to wear a reflective vanilla blonde balayage on long hair now.


7. Chocolate Brown and Gold Balayage

This exquisitely attractive long hair with balayage will suit the women with light to medium complexions. Style your long hair with tight waves and you’ll be ready to rock the parties.


8. Bright Brunette Balayage

For those women who want something between a blonde and brunette balayage on their long hair, plump for a bright brunette combination.


9. Light Roast Waterfall Curls

Get your game up and flaunt off a bold look with this sharp long balayage hairstyle. It’s ideal for young ladies trying to make their way through the universities.


10. Brown Highlights on Black Hair

balayage on long hair

Haven’t got a layered hair cut? No matter if you don’t like your coffee with milk, you’d love this balayage for long hair. It’s filled with splendor and looks the best on light complexions.


11. Dark Red to Blonde Ombre Balayage

Time to show how serious you are about your fierce daring nature. The glistening sizzling shades look incredibly sassy when blended together for a fiery outlook.


12. Rooted Balayage with a Knot

Long hair with rooted balayage, but want to tie your hair? Add some curls and tie a half knot for a laid-back sexy appearance.


13. Reverse Braid on Blonde Balayage

There are days when you want all your hair in one place. Don’t worry, you can still sway your beautiful blonde balayage long hair with a reverse braid.


14. Caramel Balayage on Black Hair

long hair bun with balayage

Sometimes you just want to tie your hair and don’t feel like wearing them down at all. That’s when you make a bun, and still, look chic!


15. Blonde Balayage with Shadow Root

pearl blonde balayage on long hair

Blonde savoir-faire! This is your chance to add an opulent flair to your balayage long hairstyle with a pearl blonde shade.


Balayage vs Highlights

balayage vs highlights

Just when you are about to make an appointment for balayage for long hair, your friend asks why not highlights? And that’s when you get confused between the two and can’t figure a way out. Don’t worry, you simply need to know a couple of facts related to hair coloring.

  • First of all, balayage is apt for all ages, all hair type, and all hair lengths. What makes balayage more eminent than highlights are its shining and natural-looking characteristics. It adds volume to your hair.
  • Consider balayage a freestyle painting on the hair, while highlights are a structured art, each strand is carefully dyed.
  • Unlike balayage, highlights are done with the roots included. That only makes balayage easier to maintain, for it doesn’t start from the roots.
  •  Contrasting from the color palette for highlights, you can only choose a 3 tone lighter shade for balayage, otherwise, you are at risk of appearing like a cartoon.
  • Highlights appear flat and single-toned, balayage appears rich and aesthetic.


Balayage long hair takes a shot at pretty much all lengths and textures of hair. However, a colored hairstyle represents the moment of truth for your look, you’ll either look ravishing or not attractive at all. If you’ve darker hair, the shade of your balayage won’t be light blonde right away. It will probably take a few balayage procedures to accomplish your desired blonde streaks.

Furthermore, if you have dyed your hair in the ongoing past, your hair might be unreasonably too spoiled for further treatment. This is the reason it is so important to carefully choose the lighter tones with the help of a professional hair stylist. After all, it’s about your beautiful long hair!