Bagel Head : Japan’s New Eerie Fashion Trend

I admit trends are weird sometimes but this is SO-FREAKING-EERIE! Bagel head is the new trend in Japan which people are using to beautify (seriously?) their appearances and look a lil delicious (alien-ish, I say). Basically, the look is achieved by injecting saline in the forehead until it swells up and then pressing thumb to make a doughnut on (of?) the forehead. It takes 2 hours to make the bagel forehead and it lasts for 18 to 24 hours. The saline injection is not restricted to forehead; some people have had scrotal injections (I’ll faint now). Bagels fans love to carry their new look to clubs and parties.

When it comes to extreme bodies, Japan has no competition for sure!

Saline drips attached to customer’s forehead

Thumb cookie! Slurrp!

Now do I look delicious or not?

So, if you wanna try something sheer crazy and alien… Japan is the place for you! Go get some doughnut on your head or… wherever you wish!