Awkward Camera Poses Of the B- Town Ladies

Sometimes celebs forget to pose picture perfect in front of the camera. Check out some hilarious poses of the b-town celebs that went a lil crazy in the event.

Katrina Kaif


It’s not gym time Katty. Wake up lady! You are at a star studded event. We love to see your leg variations when you dance. For now… Pose straight.

Parineeti Chopra

awkward-camera-poses-b-town-celebs-2Probably you have chosen a wrong career for your self … You should have been at the parliament debating over a hot issue. We love your mango isshmile Parineeti … Keep smiling!

Vaibhavi Merchant


Probably she could not come out of the character, after choreographing the song “AIYAA”. It’s not belly dancing time lady! We all love your dancing Vaibhavi (behind the sets only).

Sonakshi Sinha


Sonakshi we love your “mast mast do nain”. Why did you cover them with those thick glasses? “Khaamosh! Don’t mess with me… mei hu Patna ki fuljhaari”… But yeh Mumbai hai meri jaan!

Shazahn Padamsee


Looks she got stuck when media asked about her upcoming projects. Or probably she is wondering “where have my co-stars disappeared? Now, who is gonna speak about the movie … I don’t even know the script yet”.

Vidya Balan


Is that the new silk in B-town who is trying to gather all the attention from her fans, on the road (after watching dirty picture tactics)? Looks she is pissed-off with this public stunt. “Driver, call the police!”

Lara Dutta


Yes, we know you are the new mommy in the town, and you want to babysit her 24-7. Why do you have to burst-out when we ask you about your upcoming films? Your anger will not put a curtain to your degrading career.

Minisha Lamba


Wait a minute! I am not dressed-up for the event. Where is my bikini? These days, Miss Lamba is into a lot of skin showing. Be it in front of the camera or the tweeter, she is backless all the time. We will appreciate if you will concentrate on acting!

Neha Dhupia


Well, we all know about her blooming career in the industry. Do we? Did she forget to wear her dentures today? I wonder how she made it to the Bollywood with such horrifying tooth line. Neha! Please don’t shoot on midnights, children may get scared

Guess Who


Now, we leave this one for you. Can you identify this A-listed celeb of the B-town? If not, then have a look at the top again. You may find her there posing (apart)!