Avoid these 8 Mistakes while Hunting Jobs Online


In the present scenario, hunting for a job is similar to looking for a needle in a hayrick. But, at the same time, we cannot deny the fact that internet has transfigured the job search. Now, prospective employers are just a few clicks away from you. Although, trying to search a job online is straight-forward, there are some common mistakes, job seekers commit.

1. Lack of Formal Attitude while Applying Online


While chatting with our friends on Facebook or Gmail, we generally remain informal. But, most of us use the similar informal attitude while applying for jobs online, which is not good. Being too informal might have a pesky effect on some recruiters and it may endanger your candidature.

2.  Applying for the Positions You are Not Eligible for


There are several postings on the internet, which interests us and we promptly apply to them, without thinking too much. Some people, even if not eligible, send a small e-mail along with a generic resume, hoping for selection. Remember, recruiters have no time to review such applications.

3.  Submitting Bloated Resume


Submitting a generic resume for various jobs is the biggest mistake, most of the job seekers perpetrate. Your resume should be an ideal solution to what the employer desires. Customize your resume as per the job, you are applying for. Include experience, skills, achievements and other relevant information in your resume.

4. Sending a Resume without Cover Letter


“Resume sells your skills and qualifications but a cover letter sells you”.


In spite of sending a perfect resume, are you not getting any job offer? Let me guess the reason! You might not be submitting a cover letter along with your resume. Is it so? It’s a common error, we use to do. Next time, don’t forget to attach a striking cover letter with your resume as it will increase the readability by the employers.

5. Underestimating Social Networking Websites


Many of us look Orkut, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as the means to share information. We underestimate the influence of these social networking sites on our job search. In fact, we can connect with successful professionals through these sites. You are required to build online credibility and spend time with your contacts, sincerely.

6. Relying only on Few Job Portals


Most of the jobseekers rely only on some major job portals. To widen your online job search process, you should also apply on various niche job websites. Don’t limit your job possibilities. Select job websites, keeping in mind your search criteria.

7. Giving Your Company’s E-mail Address to Online Job Portals


Are you currently employed and searching for a new job? Which email address you are using to hunt a job- your personal email address or your company’s email address? Although, using company’s email ID is not forbidden, but, however, it does not go good with your current as well as potential employer. Imagine the consequences, when the recruiters of your current company, while looking for other candidates, come across your profile and find out that you are searching for a new job with company’s email ID.

8. Not Doing Follow-up


A company receives several thousands of resumes for a particular job opening. Your work is not over, after applying for the job. You need to do a regular follow up. If you do so, employer will feel that you are really passionate about that job.

To get hired by the best companies, adopt right tactics to use internet for your advantage.