5 of The Hottest Aubergine Hair Color Ideas for Modern Girls [2019 Trend]

Aubergine hair color is the newest hair shades among women. Aubergine might sound a bit new to the hair color world where other high-impact colors, like red, burgundy and caramel, exist. It comes on the violet end of the spectrum of red hair color. A hot and bold, aubergine head in all of its shade is a unique very sexy look to own.

Eggplant shade exudes the same intensity of sex appeal that all the men crave for. It is subtle for powerful color. You just have to choose the shade which compliments your complexion and you’ll make the look of the day!


Latest Aubergine Hairstyles for Girls

Make your own hairstyle statement with these aesthetic aubergine hair color styles and stand unique!

1. Ombre Look on Medium Layered Bob 

bob with aubergine ombre hair color

Getting ombre hairstyle in aubergine hair color is one of the hottest ideas you would have ever come across. Think of the dark eggplant purple hue alternating with magnolia strands giving a bold look.

Wear this dark purple ombre with a short haircut and beach waves to give extra oomph. You can alternate aubergine strands with burgundy to add extra boldness. Whatever you chose, aubergine will make you stand out in the crowd!


2. Aubergine Bayalage

aubergine balayage hair

Balayage is the perfect hairdo if you want a subtle yet sexy hair look. Aubergine balayage has a dark black base till mid shaft followed by aubergine hair dye till the tips. Make your evening date, friends’ party or even a formal meeting memorable with this balayage! Try this hairstyle on medium-length to long hair for a classic and sassy look.


3. Razored Bob with Baby Bangs

aubergine bob with baby bangs

Play with a spectrum of colors. Contrast aubergine hair color with natural black hair. This will give a playful stellate look which you can carry anywhere. Leave everyone in awe with this unique combination of bold hues! You have a chance to be the coolest kid in your college!


4. Cosmic Aubergine Hues

aubergine hair color

Cosmic Aubergine hue is breath-taking. This aesthetic hairstyle gives the tint of color to all hair with the shade intensifying towards the bottom of the strands. Give this color an extra hype with long hair and bands for a luscious appearance.

Aubergine hair coloring not only makes you look sexy but gorgeous as well, as proven by this style! Make your boyfriend drool over you in this sexy cosmic look.


5. Aubergine Highlights

aubergine highlights

Highlights and lowlights never grow old. This is an evergreen trend. However, add a little twist to this somewhat ‘almost mainstream’ style by hyping it up with bold colors like aubergine.

Aubergine Pintura highlights on dark black base hair, thrown into shabby waves and rough style, will make your hairstyle statement for the evening. Carry this aesthetic aubergine colored hair look to your workplace, any friend’s gathering or even on a date and flaunt!


Is there still anything left to think about? If you were confused about your next hairdo, aubergine hair coloring is the best you can have! Therefore, without any further ado, gear up and go to your favorite hairstylist to get your new look.