Attire to attend the work out

Make sure that you don’t dress up like model if you are going to the gym for the first time. In order to save yourself from all the embarrassments… here is the list of things to take care before you sign up for your daily workout.

Sport Bra

Gals… make it must to wear a sports bra. Wearing sports bra will not only reduce the bust movement but also will save you from the embarrassment that you face while walking or jogging. Further, it will not make your breast sag while working out.

Inners and Socks

Select undergarments that are made up of synthetic stuff. Cotton garments absorb more moisture resulting in excessive sweat in the body. Make sure the fabric you choose is a breathable one. Socks are available in various fabrics like wool or cotton to synthetics. Choose something that is comfortable.


Any old tee will do for gym… make sure it’s not too suffocating or baggy to wear. You can team up your lower with a nice tank top. After all it’s all about comfort.


Purchase a pair shoes which is comfortable and durable. Branded shoes are always worth to spend on. Buy something that is light and easy for workout.


Keep hair away from your face. Use hair bands and hair clips to keep away the sweat from your forehead.  Sweat is a big turn off while exercising especially on your forehead or neck. Tie a top bun to avoid a mess.

Be simple and comfortable… after all you are not going to win a beauty pageant at the gym!!