7 Asian Hairstyles with Highlights That Are Just Gorgeous

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Asian hair highlights has been in the hair trends for quite some time now. As Asian women, you know you are blessed with straight hair that is thin and glossy. On the other hand, styling thin hair can be a task. Sometimes, even when you style your hair, it tends to fall flat.

Even so, it is important to take an effort now and again when it comes to your appearance. Which is why we would like to suggest 7 highlighted hairstyles for your hair. These hairstyles are perfect for different kinds of occasions.


Trendy Asian Highlights Hairstyles

Additionally, these hairstyles are easy to do but at the same time, you will look ravishing. Keep reading for 7 Asian hair highlighting ideas!

1. Beachy Waves

Asian hairstyle with blonde highlights

Styling your hair with beachy waves is one of the best alternatives for straight hair. It is quick to do and you do not have to be precise. You have the freedom to curl different inches of hair and yet make it work for your Asian highlights. You would wear this highlighted hairstyle anywhere, which is why it works. Add hairspray and texture spray to your hair to keep it intact.


2. Face Framing Highlights

Asian hair with pink highlights

When you highlight your hair, you want to do the best at showing it off. Especially, if the highlights are not in the spectrum of natural colors. Straightening your hair is a great way to do so. You could also opt for adding a side fringe if you need or want to shape your face a little bit more.


3. Layer It Up

Asian layered hair with red highlights

Another great way of shaping your face is layering your hair in the front. This also gives you a great opportunity to show off your Asian hair highlights. The only difference with this layered hairstyle with bangs is the way you use your straightener. Instead of straightening it all the way, curve the ends towards the insides.


4. Sleek Ponytail with Bangs

ponytail with highlights for Asian women

Sleek hair has recently made a comeback. The best thing about rocking a sleek hairstyle is that you could use your 3rd or 4th-day hair. Here, you can see- pulling your hair back in a pony really brings all of the pastel purple hair highlights together. Hence, making it more evident. Having a fringe and bangs adds to the fullness of this highlighted hairstyle for Asian women.


5. Slime Green Queen

Asian hair with green highlights

Asian hair highlights in lime green is a great idea. This color is out of the box, funky and in trend. Adding a tint of honey brown in between is a good way to help your hair transition. You could style this by pin straightening your hair.


6. Electric Blue Highlights

Asian hairstyle with blue highlights

Blue is one of the most underrated hair color highlights ever among Asian girl. If you are all in to look electrifying, you should give it a go. The best way to style electric blue hair with curls. Adding a side fringe to complement the fullness of this Asian highlights hairstyle is also a great idea.


7. Auburn Red Asian Highlights

Asian girl with red highlights hairstyle

At least one in your life you have probably wished about being a redhead. Now is a great chance to get auburn brown highlights on black hair. You could style them by loose curling your hair on the bottom.


The given highlights and hairstyles are colors that will work extremely well with Asian skin tones. The hairstyles are also something you could achieve on the go. They are versatile Asian highlight hairstyles, which you could rock for a specific occasion. Or also sport throughout your day when you have a lot of things to do.