Aries: What Your Horoscope 2013 Says

(March 21 – April 19)

General Predictions for 2013

Love Life

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No remarkable changes are forecasted in your love life. If your relationship was good the last year, it will remain the same this year. In case, you had trembling relationship the preceding year, you need to work hard to create a lovely bond and strike a balance, this year. Have an open communication with your beloved. You may also plan leisure trip with your soul mate in the next half of the year.


You are likely to monitor transformations in your career. You need to work hard to advance professionally. Be careful while taking decisions related to your career. Defend yourself from the office politics. This is a tough phase for the entrepreneurs, but you will overcome the challenges nicely. Short distant journeys would be advantageous for your business undertakings.


Although, no major health concerns are foreseen for the Arians, yet you need to take proper care. Don’t indulge too much in exercise and dieting. Avoid taking physical and mental stress.

Domestic and Home Life

In the first quarter of the year, you may feel pressurized and stressed due to the home environment. You might have to make adjustments in order to maintain the peace. However, the things will gradually improve, afterwards.

Lucky Number– 3
Lucky Months– March, May and September
Lucky Colour– Light red

Month wise Horoscope 2013


You will remain inclined towards religious activities in the first half of the month. Your career would go smooth. Be generous and tactful while dealing with your colleagues and subordinates. Your lover may dishearten you. Your wheel of fortune favours good fortune.
Lucky Colour– 5
Lucky Number– Forest green


You will get more than anticipated. You may receive pending arrears. You will socialize with high profile people. Singles could find their love. Your partner or spouse will support you in achieving your career goals. An active lifestyle and a balanced diet will keep you in the pink.
Lucky Colour– Violet
Lucky Number– 4


Don’t indulge into arguments with high placed people. You might feel frustrating because of non-approval of something; you want to do, from your superior. You may feel a dip in the stamina in the second half of the month. Do not eat wayside food. Try to avoid expenses and commitments. Strengthen your social relationships.
Lucky Colour– Silver
Lucky Number– 2


You may take up a prestigious appointment. Your work will bag you several applauses. From a financial point of view, this month is good. Control your anger. Health will remain fine.
Lucky Colour– Parrot green
Lucky Number– 8


You will get a good job offer. This is the best time to begin something new. You might have to complete a project left halfway. Control your temper or ego; otherwise it may ruin the matters. Avoid non-vegetarian food and alcohol, this month, for staying fit.
Lucky Colour– Dark green
Lucky Number– 5


You will remain in the celebration mood. This month, your boss might be out of the office for some days, and you would have fun at workplace. Lovers may plan an outing. You are likely to grow in new areas. Students are advised to focus on their studies.
Lucky Colour– Lemon
Lucky Number– 2


Renew the old contacts. You may travel to exotic places. You will get opportunities to bring your ideas to realization. Immense profits are possible by investing in real estate. Issues are likely to arise with the extended family members. Health will remain delicate.
Lucky Colour– Peach
Lucky Number– 7


A good investment opportunity is waiting for you. Your status, at the workplace, would rise. Health continues to be delicate. Singles may involve in love affairs, but serious love is not predicted. Married couples are advised to be careful while dealing with any sort of flaws in their relationship.
Lucky Colour– Chocolate
Lucky Number– 15


Your boss will get impressed with your work. Older investments would bring you handsome gains. You may have to shift your residence because of the transfer. This is the time to begin a new venture. Balanced diet is important for good health.
Lucky Colour– Sky blue
Lucky Number– 22


You might make more money, this month. You would get success in most of the work you undertake. Your ideas may be opposed in the second half of the month. Keep your ego aside while dealing with your family members. Stars predict happening love life.
Lucky Colour– Electric blue
Lucky Number– 8


Avoid heavy commitments. You are likely to be overburdened with work. From a financial point of view, this month is good. Spouse’s advice would help you to reap the profits. There are no health issues for Arians, this month.
Lucky Colour– Rosy brown
Lucky Number– 6


Your boss could assign you some important task. Students could experience a good time. Eligible bachelors would find a perfect match. You may plan vacations with your family. Stars predict better health and higher income.
Lucky Colour– Indigo
Lucky Number– 2